Mutant Chronicles Third Edition Kickstarter Blows Past Goal

Modiphius Games launched a kickstarter to bring about a 3rd edition of the under-the-radar sci-fi horror RPG “Mutant Chronicles.”  I mean no slight by the “under-the-radar” comment, it just seems like mutant_chronicles_logo everyone has heard of the Mutant Chronicles, but it never seemed to bubble up to the level of more notable sci-fi games like Warhammer or Traveller. Regardless, there was always a loyal following of this property and they turned out in spades to support a 3rd edition.


Check out the numbers.



As of this writing, Modiphius blew past their original goal of £11,000.00 British Pounds and are above £67,000.00! Clearly this one is going to fund and deservedly so. Modiphius did a great job on the Achtung! Cthulhu game ( I was a backer) and “Mutant Chronicles” is a great property that deserves a new edition and better exposure than an awful Thomas Jane movie.  I look forward to seeing the result


Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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