Gencon 2016 Event Registration Completed–Total Victory

Gencon 2016 event registration began today at noon Eastern time. So if you wanted to get in to a high-demand event and did not register this morning, this post is your bad news quota for today.  I always use “True Dungeon” as a benchmark of player demand because it has relatively few slots (relative to number of Gencon attendees) and a rabid fan base. A quick search shows a few stray TD tickets left, but well over 90% is sold out. Single table runs of  notable RPGs or board games are also  sold out. gencon logo

Even if you got totally crushed in your queue position ( I heard numbers upwards of 6000+ for some poor souls), fear not! Events are added almost every day and tickets do get returned to the pool, so keep checking back…frequently. Or do what I do and go trolling in the obscure game lists you have never heard of before. You never know if you will find a gem.

As for me, due to some epic luck, myself and a cohort landed very low numbers and snatched up our first choice events. Which for me includes:

Firefly: The Board Game  Time to explore the ‘verse!

Cthulhu Masters Tournament (Finally! Wanted to try this for years and never could get in)
TORG:Eternity–This is a new release from a new company of the venerable multi-verse system

Assault on Singularity Base: The Monte Cook Game multi-table battle interactive for the Cypher System.  Multiple tables of gamers work towards a common goal. Always a good time when not only do you have to succeed, other tables have to succeed as well.

The Strange: Also an MCG offering in  “The Strange” world of Ardeyn

The Thing in the Ice: This is set in the  “Outbreak” zombie apocalypse RPG world…in space!  Zero-G zombie combat! Never played before, but wanted to check out this game for a long time.

Cosmic Patrol: No description necessary because this is what happens when the crew of the Enterprise drops acid, licks a toad and proceeds to chug a bottle of vodka. Chaos ensues. Time to break out that “Mark 12 Genocidal Peacemaker Nuclear Torpedo!”

Dead of Winter: The board game “flavor of the month” from a couple of years ago. Had to try it just to throw some innocent civilians to the ravenous zombie horde! All for the greater good, of course.

Con-pocalypse: Fantasy Flight’s RPG that uses your personal statistics for your PC. This scenario is a zombie assault on Gencon itself. It is so meta it is painful, but I will survive. Not so sure about the rest of the party….

Operation SOARAWAY: An adventure in “The Laundry” universe where trod-upon office works face off against extra-dimensional demons.

A Song of Ice and Fire RPG:  Needs no explanation, but you get one anyway. Crows, frost demons, incest and lots and lots of dead people, usually the good guys. George R. R. Martin, fictions most prolific serial killer.

This list does not include even the pick-up games or the random stuff I will play in the vendor hall.

See you at Indy!


Trask, The Last Tyromancer











Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.