Review: Elderwood Academy Scroll and Codex Dice Tower and Tray

Elderwood Academy is back with a lovely tabletop role-playing game accessory, the “Scroll and Codex” dice tower and dice tray set. Scroll and Codex is currently  running on Kickstarter and fully funded with 11 days remaining.  Elderwood kindly sent me a prototype  of the set for review, so the final version may vary slightly when the Kickstarter fulfills all its backers.

Here is my review copy, which is Purpleheart wood and Walnut in Lapis leather and the “spell circle” design on the leather wrapping.




The “Codex” stands 10 inches tall (25.4 cm) and is 3 inches  (7.62 cm)  in diameter.  Weight is approximately .5 pounds (.22 kilogram), with the scroll inside.  Take note of the detailed pictograph work  both the top cap and the bottom.  It is beautifully elaborate and adds real depth to the artistic element of the piece.



Meant for gaming means I have to do some abuse testing. First was a very non-scientific “squeeze” test where I grabbed it in the middle and gave it a solid squeeze. Other than a slight clicking noise it did not break any wood. That said, the octagonal Scroll contains  eight panels to make up the body and while I could not crush it by hand, it is vulnerable to weight applied to the sides. Though I did test the load bearing weight on the top and was pleased.

Probably not a good idea…


Both ends of the Codex open with a solid tug (held in place magnetically). The top cap is also hollow for dice storage and easily fits a standard set of polyhedrals. Here is  a shot of the top with the end of the disassembled Scroll dice tray visible.



The steel balls and magnets for the joints are prototypes and not the final version for the Kickstarter.  Here is the Scroll unrolled before assembly.



Here is a close of shot of the joint as you assemble the Scroll. The posts are powerful magnets and there is a small magnet embedded at the base of the hole as well. It is a snug fit when assembled.


When fully assembled I easily picked up the Scroll tray and moved it around without it falling apart, but breaking it down just took a couple of gentle tugs.

The tray  forms a 6 inch square (15.24 cm) dice tray with a leather bottom (same spell circle design in silver) and ocean wave details on both the inside and outside of the rails.  Here is a shot of it in use.



The final element of the set is the Codex as a dice tower. Simply remove the top and then pull/twist the bottom to reveal a ramp.



Drop dice in the top, dice hit ramp, land in the tray and then the Orcs kill you. Hey, it is a gorgeous  dice tower and dice tray, but it does not guarantee your miserable dice rolling will get any better.  🙂

Bottom line is the “Elderwood Academy Scroll and Codex” is an amazing piece of art that happens to have utility on a game table. This is a prototype and easily is one of the most impressive gaming accessories I have ever seen.

That said, it is a Kickstarter and I thought it prudent  to do some due diligence in terms of the manufacturing capability of the Kickstarter creators before I endorse the Kickstarter.   The Kickstarter is 100k+ as of this post and that is a lot of product to fulfill, so I asked for some shots of Elderwood’s manufacturing facility.


These are the “Hex Chest” dice boxes under construction.


The nuts and bolts of the factory floor with equipment I lack the expertise to identify.


Spellbook assembly area. Looks like the “Acquisitions Incorporated” spell books too, based on the leather covers on the table.

Elderwood Academy put together an amazing product in the “Scroll and Codex” and I highly recommend it. In addition, their infrastructure is substantial and I believe they will fulfill the Kickstarter successfully. So go check out the Kickstarter for yourself!



Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.