GAMA Trade Show 2012 Report 2

Today’s report from GTS 2012 covers everything from slightly kinky Japanese card games to family fare. Read on!


Wizards of the Coast

Wizards did not have a booth on the show floor at all and thanks to a signage problem (Wizards’ seminar was helpfully labelled “cancelled” when in fact it was not) I missed their seminars. Other than a reference to the “Kaijudo” card game on the seminar signs, I know nothing about their upcoming plans. Too bad. I was anxious to hear how they handled the retailers concerns about the 4E product line being replaced with 5E D&D.

Flip Your Chip (site down)

Jon Vandergriff designed the light party board game with the entire family in mind.

Flip Your Chip uses a simple coin-toss mechanic to move your chip around the board.  This game is mostly luck and focuses on social interaction rather than strategy.  A deck of cards adds an additional level of randomness that impacts all players.  Definitely for family game night with smaller children.


Buck Jitters

A new publisher to the show, Buck Jitters is a trick-taking card game with a hunting theme.  The first person to gather the cards to spell “BJitters” wins.  While not particularly impressed by the game mechanics I do give the publisher credit for moving into an unusual niche.  Buck Jitters plans on moving into rural areas and hunting-specific retailers like Cabellas.  Game competition in these areas is low and I think it will do well as a novelty game.

Reaper Miniatures


Dark Heaven: Bones is the newest miniature line from Reaper.  Bones are 25 mm unpainted polymer (plastic for the rest of us) miniatures. My pictures from the show did not turn out (miniatures are tough to shoot under the ballroom lights) but I got this shot from the Reaper site.  A pretty good sculpt for $2.29 retail!)

Yes, $2.29 and the other miniatures in this line are just as inexpensive. I really, really like this idea.  We need to foster a new generation of tabletop gamers and cheap miniatures that you can paint yourself  is a great entry point to the hobby. Reaper mentioned they are sending out samples, so I should get my hands on some in the near future. I will post better shots when they arrive.


Tentacle Bento from Soda Pop Miniatures


The premise is that the inter-galactic overlord wants to conquer Earth and he must start by molesting the comely anime girls at a Japanese High School. Essentially it is a deck of cards with three card types; a location, a girl and an “action.” The goal is to accumulate sets of cards and if you assemble a set that is all the same color, you get more points.  I created a set that included “the locker room,” “a chemistry student” and “neko-neko.” (Which translates to “Cat-Cat,” so I am not quite sure what that means…It just sounds kinky.)

The actions are not explicit, just suggestive. Another favorite action card was “spontaneous bathing.”  There are also some “screw your opponent” cards mixed in. This game is a light party game played strictly for laughs among those that can get the jibes directed at the many anime/manga cliches.  It will release later this year. Sadly, I played a mock-up, so no pictures of the actual game.



More tomorrow!


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