Interview: Crafty Games, Publisher of Spycraft 2.0, Fantasycraft and Mistborn Role-Playing Games Part 2

This is part 2 of my interview with Crafty Games, publisher of Spycraft 2.0, Fantasycraft and Mistborn

Crafty Games
Crafty Games

Role-Playing Games. If you are joining late, you should read the first part of my interview with Crafty Games before reading this post.

Scott Gearin: We are including two settings in the Book. We have three more planned to show a little more of the range the system can handle.

Trask: These are in the base book?

Alex Flagg: Epoch and Sunchaser are. Cloak and Dagger will be a PDF support release

GKEoHHFT: Alex is doing Cloak & Dagger

Alex Flagg: Think the fall of a meta Greco-Roman empire, where nations are turning on one another. fantasy espionage, very sword and sandal stuff with a tone of the Cold War espionage thriller. Followed by four settings in PDF – three by us and Wyrmstone. The others are Swords of the Zodiac and Godspawn.

Scott Gearin: Swords of the Zodiac is a toolbox for Asian fantasy. It’s a fantasy China with a celestial bureaccracy, struggles to reunite the empire and a supernatural threat that could destroy the world. And wuxia. Oh, there will be much wuxia!

GKEoHHFT: Godspawn poses the question, “What if some eager Norse upstarts aborted Ragnarok, leaving the world in a constant state of apocalyptic war?” It’s our epic fantasy toolset.

Alex Flagg: Very God of War/Norse epic sort of feel.

Scott Gearin: Comparisons to Exalted will be almost unavoidable, but I think we’ll definitely have something new to offer.

Trask: So their is no “base” world for Fantasy Craft? It will include multiple campaign worlds with significantly different tones and influences?

GKEoHHFT: No, there is no base world. There are base assumptions made in the rules, but again, they’re more to offer a baseline of style and tone than world details.

Scott Gearin: Sunchaser will likely be treated as default, because it’s gonna look like familiar ground, but we really do think of it as an example rather than a mandate for how you play.

Alex Flagg: Epoch certainly is a bit more specific in its theme and content

GKEoHHFT: There will be other PDF support as well. Campaign builder stuff – my favorite so far being “Instant Adventure” – a randomizer series (“Just add dice!”)

Trask: How did you come to write a game for “Mistborn?”

Alex Flagg: Mistborn is our first licensed property as Crafty Games. We came to Mistborn last year, actually. I met Brandon Sanderson almost by accident at on his book tour to promote book 2 of the Mistborn trilogy.

We ended up hitting it off right away. Turns out he’s been a lifelong gamer, and was really hoping Mistborn would be turned into an RPG. So we started working with him and things just clicked. It’s still VERY early in the process, so we’re hesitant to say much more. Suffice to say, both Brandon and we are very excited by the prospects for the game

GKEoHHFT: Brandon’s done a ton of work to make his worlds “work” in the same fashion as an RPG. He creates story balance that really speaks to mechanics, which is nice.

Alex Flagg: Right, it’s all there

Trask: Yes, the characters need metal “fuel” to work magic correct?


Alex Flagg: They’re called allomancers

GKEoHHFT: : They consume metal flakes in vials of liquid and burn the flakes to fuel different powers.

Alex Flagg: There are all sorts of other really cool characters as well – Feruchemists, Kandra, Inquisitors…it’s a really unique, epic fantasy world

GKEoHHFT: And best of all, it’s a team-oriented world, which plays to the strengths of our system, and role-playing in general.

Trask: Are you planning to use the “Master Craft” system or are you developing something unique for “Mistborn?”

GKEoHHFT: We’re still debating that. It’s going to boil down to what’s best for the game

Trask: What is your best guess for a “Mistborn” release date?

Alex Flagg: 2009, late 2009

Trask: It sounds like you gentlemen will be busy for the next year or so. I will let you go back to work. Good luck.

GKEoHHFT: Busy busy busy

Alex Flagg: Thanks much!

This concludes my interview with the fine gentlemen of Crafty Games and the “God King Emperor of Happy Happy Fun Time.”  I plan future updates with the Crafty Games crew as “FantasyCraft” nears completion and will try to squeeze some information about “Mistborn” out of them during the development process. Watch this space for further updates!

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  • November 17, 2008 at 8:36 pm

    Thanks for the interview; it was an interesting take and did a good job of wandering beyond the press releases.

  • November 18, 2008 at 12:12 am

    Just wait, I just received some new Fantasycraft info that will be going up in the very near future.

    Trask, The Last Tyromancer

  • November 25, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    Thanks for the interview. I was not that interested in Spycraft, but FantasyCraft is on my “to buy” list.

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