The Agony of Choice: Gen Con 2013 Event Decisions

Choice is usually a good thing. I sometimes like hamburgers and sometime hot dogs. Having a choice between two options is nice and gives a sense of control to my life. A sense of gencon logo control that evaporated when I once again undertook the arduous process of choosing events for Gen Con 2013. Every year I drown in a sea of event options and this year was no exception. 8000 individual events (so far) took me hours to parse through, even  ignoring entire game categories that I do not play.  So much gaming goodness, so few event slots!

Finally, it is done and here is my “rough draft” schedule I am submitting next Sunday.  Here is my initial schedule.


Call of Cthulhu–because losing characters to insanity is easier to endure in a four-hour convention slot than a campaign.  CoC is just slightly less dangerous than Sarin gas!

Battletech–Mech death from above!

Hickman’s Killer Breakfast–everyone keeps raving about this, so I am finally attending.  Then again, everyone raves about True Dungeon as well and I thought it awful.  We shall see if the wisdom of the crowd is correct.

Star Wars RPG(Edge of the Empire)--I will need the Force to get this event because very few are running at Gen Con 2013. Bad Fantasy Flight, you should run more slots.

Leviathans–Steampunk airship combat. I played a demo a couple of years ago and it resembles Battletech mechanically, but I like the theme.  Miniatures are also very cool.

D&D Next Delve–I am deeply skeptical about D&D Next because it seems to lack a singular vision and WOTC is just throwing out mechanics to see what sticks. Still, I hope by August the rules start to firm up and it is a playable, fun system.

That should keep me busy. Yes, I know that does not cover the entire convention, but events pop-up as the convention draws near and I hate locking myself into a schedule only to have to change tickets later. Even worse, over-scheduling the convention leaves no room for pick-up games and new games you run across and just need to play.

Oh, and do not forget to schedule some lunch/dinner breaks. I failed to do this one year and ate poorly for the convention.

So, this is the plan. I will post after registration and let you know how I did. If I get 50% of what I wanted I think I will be happy.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer






Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.