Wizards First Rule, The Television Series

So I am not sure how many people have heard this, but this was news to me, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew. Well, at least those loyal LivingDice readers.

So, there is this guy named Sam Raimi. Even If you are not familiar with his name, you are familiar with his work. He directed the ‘Evil Dead’ movies, the new ‘Spider-Man’ movies, and ‘Darkman’ to name a few. He has also produced the popular TV series ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’ and ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’.

Any gamer worth his salt should also know of Terry Goodkind. Goodkind is a best-selling writer of the epic fantasy series ‘The Sword of Truth’. Read them if you haven’t, they are good.

Well Raimi and Goodkind are teaming up with ABC studios to create a television series based on ‘The Sword of Truth’ world. The series, called ‘Wizards First Rule’ (the title of the first novel of the series), will be a live-action fantasy extravaganza that will air this fall. It will be an hour-long weekly show, and has a 1st season slated with 22 episodes.

Long story short, very short, a young woodsman named Richard Cypher begins his extraordinary journey to seek a nameless Wizard and he slowly discovers his own magical abilities. On the way, he teams up with the mysterious Kahlan Amnell to take down a bloodthirsty tyrant. Kahlan is going to be played by Bridget King. She is an attractive Irish-American who fiddles for the Celtic Punk band Flogging Molly (among other acting accomplishments).

Another Fantasy series, HOT DANG! Apparently Goodkind is going to work very close to the project, so hopefully they won’t bubblegum it up too much. Nonetheless, I am excited. Very excited. Please be good, please be good, and please be good…

Happy Watching!

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