My Nightbane Campaign Pitch

Nightbane, one of my favorite games of all time once again rears its stigmata-pierced head.  My current “Aces & Eights” campaign, while great fun, shows signs of wear, tear and GM burnout. I will spare you the details. Stuart (the current GM) and I discussed future options, including going to a different game system with lots of published modules and run a game with a rotating GM. This has a certain appeal and is certainly the least preparation-intensive option. That said, I long to run a “good” Nightbane game that leverages the “Call of Cthulhu” and “X-Files” elements of the game with the high-action superhero PCs for an exciting campaign.

Happily, I own all the Nightbane books already so there is no cash outlay for the gaming group and I am willing to run the campaign.  Hmm, cash and “buying” into a game as a barrier to starting a campaign. That is a good thought for future post.

Anyway, back to my Nightbane pitch post. I will let you know how it goes and keep you apprised of the campaign’s progress, assuming it flies with my gaming group. Nightbane is low-profile compared to other Palladium game offerings, but I hope more people play it  as I write these posts. It is a truly selfish exercise because the more people play it, the more supplements Palladium publishes. 😉

Almost forgot to remind everyone that my Win the Eoris Role-Playing Game contest is still running. Currently 72 people entered and I am extremely happy with the response, but the more the merrier! Eoris retailed for $100 at Gen Con 2010, so this prize is well worth your time!

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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