Terrorwerks at Gen Con 2011 Advice Requested

Myself and two others bought tickets to the Terrorwerks live-action RPG event at Gen Con 2011 and would like some advice.  I read the event description and website and get the general idea about the event, but brief descriptions are no substitute for first-hand intelligence. So, if anyone out there played in a Terrorwerks event in the past and has any advice on how to make the game more enjoyable please drop  me a comment.  Hints, tips, things to avoid or bring are greatly appreciated.   When I played in “True Dungeon” a couple of years ago I had a learning curve that detracted from the overall experience and would like to avoid this learning curve for the Terrorwerks event.



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One thought on “Terrorwerks at Gen Con 2011 Advice Requested

  • June 7, 2011 at 5:54 am

    TerrorWerks is more of a LARP then the cattle call living dungeon TD is. The rules are very light and easy to pick up. Think of it as an interactive first person adventure video game. There are puzzles that are intuitive and challenges that require you to think a bit, all while watching your buddy’s back.

    The crew that runs it will be more then happy to help you out. I think they have facebook page and they do monitor the GenCon forums. Over the last 2 years they ran at GenCon I’ve had a blast, even volunteered to be an NPC for a few runs and had even more of a blast then being a PC.

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