GTS 2009: Magic: The Gathering Seminar from Wizards of the Coast

I am live-blogging the WOTC M:TG seminar. Forgive any typos. The initial section of the presentation covered how MTG performed in 2008. Changes for 2009 include a new kind of core set, new game day events and more specialized releases, such as two new duel decks.

Alara Reborn comes out 4-30-09–Same set size as “Conflux.” This is the third and final set in “Shards of Alara.”

M:TG 2010 Core Set–A new kind of core set(out 7-17-09):

Planeswalkers included

50% new content

New Core Set every year


Will be prereleased, have launch cards and game days

Core set will be required for tournament play

From The Vault: Exiled

15 Foil cards, limited print run.

Were all banned cards at one point Includes cards with new art. Sorry, they did not list which cards.

Zendikar out 10-2-09

New Planeswalker vs Planeswalker dueldeck in Q4

There are some new novels coming out.

Strong marketing focus on game days and release events in 2009.

New Event Type: “Game Day” Four weeks after release of new product.

XBOX MTG game comes out in Q2. It contains a free promo card and is designed to get players into a local store.

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