Ten Candles--The Tragic Horror RPG Kickstarter
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Ten Candles–The Tragic Horror RPG Kickstarter

“Ten Candles” is the first role-playing game kickstarter from Stephen Dewey and the premise sold me immediately. Everyone dies at the the end of the game. Always. There is no last-minute reprieve or deus ex machina to save everyone. All the PCs will die, but how you face that end is what matters. A darkness […]

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MaricopaCon 2014 Report
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MaricopaCon 2014 Report

  This weekend I attended our local gaming convention. MaricopaCon is funded through Kickstarter and this is its second year. Trask and I attended last year so I thought it would make a good warm-up for GenCon in two weeks. The convention runs Saturday and Sunday, but I only attended Saturday. The selection of games […]

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Gencon 2014 Vendors and Exhibitors Links with Descriptions
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Gencon 2014 Vendors and Exhibitors Links with Descriptions

Once again here is my all-in-one list of Gencon 2014 vendor and exhibitors with short descriptions. If there are any updates, errors or improvements you would like to see, please drop me a comment and I will take a look.   I culled this list from the official Gencon 2014 map of the exhibit/vendor hall. […]

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Trask Versus Krav Maga
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Trask Versus Krav Maga

Of all the activities I considered for the “Versus” series, Krav Maga worried me the most. Melee combat( outside of RPG encounters) is not my area of expertise. In fact, outside of the occasional flirtation with karate that all teenage males go through, the fighting arts and I had a purely theoretical relationship.  That said, […]

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Phoenix Comicon 2014 Exhibitors and Vendors with Links and Descriptions
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Phoenix Comicon 2014 Exhibitors and Vendors with Links and Descriptions

Phoenix Comicon 2014 is next week and I decided to take a look at who was setting up at the show in the exhibitor/vendor area before I show up. Sadly, the Phoenix Comicon vendor list only lists names and booth numbers but no site links or descriptions. So I fixed it. After much effort, here […]

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Northern FanCon

Is this what happens at conventions, celebrities donning volunteer shirts, buying action figures of themselves, hanging out with fans already packed to the gunnels in narrow passages between shops and artists? Is this what I’ve been missing? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this? Or is what happened at the Northern FanCon unusual, and most […]

The Stars My Destination Movie Will Fail Because Hollywood Execs are Spineless Cowards

A film adaptation of  “The Stars My Destination”  once more percolated to the top of the Hollywood morass as a big-budget sci-fi film. TSMD, written in the 1950s, has long been considered one of the great un-filmed science fiction novels.  Personally, this book is one of my all time favorites and rightly deserves every accolade […]

ALIEN NEWS: Blomkamp to Ignore Canon

Let’s start with clearing the air—no, I don’t have a problem with this. And I’ve spent the last 20+ years defending Alien 3. This new direction in the series is not so much about injecting new life into the franchise as it is movie companies being perceptive about audiences’ capacity to recognize divergent narratives. When […]

Weirworld–Part 9 The Secret of Weirworld

I considered not writing this post at all and leaving aspects of Weirworld somewhat mysterious. Specifically the origins of His Radiant Highnes, Burden and the gate to madness Herrick opened. That said, I reconsidered. Having the full story allows a game master to manipulate their plots with a sense of organization and consistency if they […]

Weirworld–Part 8 Weirworld Foci

Weirworld (Krollis) is  realm of pure magic, so any foci appropriate for a magical realm or draggable is acceptable. That said, here are a couple of foci unique to the recursion and  are listed below. Name : Carries a Writ of Devisal Description: The character’s family is trusted by the Holy Church of His Radiant […]

Weirworld–Part 7 Weirworld and the Cypher System

Implementing a pure version of the “Cypher” system in “Weirworld”  make “Burden” as a mechanic problematic.  To work around this issue with a minimum of bookkeeping, I made the following adjustments to the standard rules. Remember that these rules apply only to  the “Weirworld” recursion and normal rules reassert themselves once the characters travel to […]

Weirworld–Part 6 The History of Krollis, Burden’s Price

Before His Radiant Highness ascended to the Throne and the Krithali Empire fell, Krollis teemed with diverse faiths. Jungle dwellers sought power from the trees and animal spirits. The hard men of Krast worshipped an Iron Lord, a man literally made of iron that feared nothing and vanquished his foes with heat and hammer. Educated […]

Weirworld–Part 5 The History of Krollis, Rise of a Holy Empire

Fell creatures and toxic miasma slowly drowned the High City.  Those not killed outright by creatures or the evil ooze…changed. Armor of black chitin, razor claws, Godlight-powered strength and endless blood-thirst claimed good men and added to the carnage. This was not the worst though. A tiny few, the strongest of will and body retained […]

Weirworld–Part 4 The History of Krollis, The Birth of Burden

Hubris breaks good men on a rack of certainty.  Certainty in their cause, their faith or sometimes their altruism lead a good man down a dark path. Herrick’s tale is one of self-sacrifice, willful blindness and utter devotion to the good people of Krollis.  In the quest to empower all of Krollis Herrick broke the […]

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