Invisible Sun RPG Initial Unboxing!

I just got the Invisible Sun role-playing game Black Cube from Monte Cook Games and it is massive! The box weighs 28 pounds (13 kg)!  I will do a more comprehensive post later after I have a chance to read the contents, but I wanted to get some quick unboxing shots up for the curious. Be warned this is an image-heavy post. Also, I will leave out a couple of items that may be only for GMs.


After removing the cardboard shell, the chrysalis protected the contents well.  Note: the corners have hard reinforcements to protect the Cube during shipping. A major concern for me, but it turned out to be a non-issue.


Chrysalis removed:




Removing the plastic wrap and a flyer reveals the Cube in its true form:



Here is the Cube fully deployed:




This is a close-up of the logo on the top and the hand that comes inside one of the shelves. As an aside, packaging on this monster is impressive. Everything has a slot and everything fits. Tight!



There are two drawers. The top drawer is for GMs. You can just see the hand underneath the GM envelope.



Next drawer is “props.” Note the massive numbers of card decks. Have not even opened them yet.

The bottom shelf (no drawer) are the books and multiple miscellaneous items.


Finally, this item which I will most definitely not tell you anything about. Just enjoy the view future players, this is as close as you get to the real secrets.

That is it for now. Give me a couple of weeks to digest this monster and I will post a follow-up.


Onward Vislae!


Trask, The Last Tyromancer



Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.