Crafty Games Releases Fantasycraft Supplements and a Module

Crafty Games, publishers of the Fantasycraft role-playing game just announced their first round of supplements and a third-party publisher module for the game.  Here is the critical information:

Call to Arms: The Bloodsworn is blessed with preternatural awareness and uncanny toughness, and stands at eternal vigil to defend the weak and helpless. With a select few he shares a supernatural bond, a union that binds them in body and soul.

Call to Arms: The Force of Nature
is a product of the most basic forces of life itself, a champion whose intimate connection with the physical world can be channeled to unleash primeval powers with devastating effect.

Call to Arms: The Mist Dancer excels at the larcenous arts. No shackle can hold him, no door can stop him, and no riches are beyond his reach. His methods are as elusive as they are effective, and for this he commands the highest rates in the land – rates his clients are all too happy to pay.

Purchase them individually or together in this Fantasycraft discounted bundle!

A Keg for Dragon is Reality Blurs’ first release in the Old School Fantasy line – and we’re also extremely excited to announce that it’s the first in their series of officially licensed Fantasy Craft products.

Also, this will be the last post until I start putting up GAMA Trade Show 2010 material in a couple of days.

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