Battlefoam Versus Blood of Kittens Update–Battlefoam Counter-Sues in Arizona

The Battlefoam lawsuit versus Blood of Kittens continues with Battlefoam filing a counter-suit in Arizona.  The lawsuit in its entirety is at the bottom of this post as a PDF file if you want to read the whole thing,
Once you get past the legal boilerplate, here is the bare bones version of the lawsuit.

1. Battlefoam contends that the Arizona court has jurisdiction because Battlefoam and company are based here.

2. Battlefoam contends that Blood of Kittens directly contacted potential customers and business partners in an attempt to weaken or terminate those relationships.

3. Battlefoam contends that Blood of Kittens  said defamatory things about Battlefoam and Outlaw Miniatures that resulted in damage to Battlefoam and Outlaw Miniatures.

Here is a screenshot of the filing that lists the items damaged (allegedly)  by the Blood of Kittens post.



Though some of the areas listed are difficult to quantify as “damaged,” like the “goodwill of the gaming community.” Other items  are readily quantifiable, such as the loss of kickstarter investors  and “actual partnerships.” In either case, future filings should provide more clarity as to the nature of these “damages” and supporting evidence.

4.  Settlement negotiations were underway for two months before the lawsuits began.


Battlefoam filed this lawsuit on June 4th, 2013, so it is still early days and none of the usual supporting documents have appeared yet.  I will monitor this lawsuit going forward for any future filings and keep you apprised.

Battlefoam vs. Blood of Kittens Arizona Lawsuit


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