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Chris Tavares Dias is the literary equivalent of that crusty burnt cheese at the bottom of the fondue pot. Some people claim he looks like Mathew Perry. He would like that to be true. It's not. In 2010, Chris co-wrote and created Amethyst Foundations, a 4th Edition setting based on the previous version under 3.5. It has received critical acclaim for integrating science fiction into classical fantasy. In August of this year, Chris was last seen staring at a dead raven that had fallen beside his car. Two months later, his watch and notepad were found in the stomach of a basking shark that had washed ashore off the coast of Florida.

Amethyst Quintessence (5E) RELEASED!

Amethyst Quintessence (5E) RELEASED!

I have created… The award-winning setting. Now in full color. New modern/science-fiction rules. Vehicles. Power Armor. Firearms. New monsters. An incredible 400+ page rulebook with art from Hugo-nominated artist Nick Greenwood. This rulebook includes… –A new adaptation of Amethyst based on the 5th edition (5E) of the first fantasy roleplaying game, the defining RPG […]

Northern FanCon

Is this what happens at conventions, celebrities donning volunteer shirts, buying action figures of themselves, hanging out with fans already packed to the gunnels in narrow passages between shops and artists? Is this what I’ve been missing? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this? Or is what happened at the Northern FanCon unusual, and most […]

ALIEN NEWS: Blomkamp to Ignore Canon

Let’s start with clearing the air—no, I don’t have a problem with this. And I’ve spent the last 20+ years defending Alien 3. This new direction in the series is not so much about injecting new life into the franchise as it is movie companies being perceptive about audiences’ capacity to recognize divergent narratives. When […]

My Tenuous Optimism Towards The Singularity

Recently, a trend has reemerged in cinema regarding artificial intelligence, probably the third cycle since the early 70’s. From HAL and Joshua to Agent Smith, films–and to a whole populist science fiction–remain transfixed on the idea of computers gaining sentience and subsequently going out of their way to make us regret it. They gain emotions […]

Amethyst Destiny (Fate Core Edition) Released

Which side will you choose? Which weapons will you wield? Earth is torn between the order of science and the chaos of fantasy. These two worlds cannot mix. Venture into lands once claimed by skyscrapers and factories, now overrun by elves, goblins, and dragons. Choose your path and commit to the quest. Monsters will hunt […]

Repeating D&D History

A multitude of recent announcements from Wizards of The Coast has altered the landscape for the immediate future. The first involved the release schedule of D&D Next (or is it 5E, I’ve honestly lost track) while the other heralded an eventual Open Gaming License. The staggered release of the upcoming core books was a surprising […]

Amethyst 4E Compendium released

The definitive edition of GSL-compatible Amethyst. Over 450 pages. Everything from Amethyst Foundations and Amethyst Evolution, updated, with new content and full color images! THIS IS NOT FANTASY WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD Which side will you choose? Which weapons will you wield? Earth is torn between the order of science and the chaos of […]

What Rules Do I Throw Out?

I admit, maybe it’s not entirely destructive, but when trying to weave a narrative, I often times come affront to the very rules I’m playing with. This is separate to something I’ve discussed before—how unbelievably annoyed I am at the near psychopathic nature of my player party. Being an adventurer is a line of work […]


I’ve often said to friends, family members, and those I pass on the street that I’m happy J.J. Abrams left the Star Trek franchise in favor of Star Wars. He admitted not being a fan of Trek in contrast to his dedication to George Lucas’s answer to not securing the rights to Flash Gordon (just […]