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Gen Con 2015: NecroVirus Review and Future of Tabletop Gaming

Gen Con 2015: NecroVirus Review and–The Future of Tabletop Gaming

NecroVirus is the most exciting thing I saw at Gen Con. Period. Nothing else even came close.  While this post is a review of the game “NecroVirus” it also is my ecstatic report of what I see as the future business model of  tabletop gaming, 3D printing. I ran across NecroVirus whilst window shopping in […]

Gen Con 2015: The Games Played Part 3

Gen Con 2015: The Games Played Part 3

After getting out of the playtest room, I rolled straight into a game of Numenera: The Hideous Game I am a huge Numenera fan and regard it as the best RPG currently on the market. Period.  I jumped at the chance and the module was, as expected a great time. Since it will be published/run […]

I Backed the Numenera “Into the Ninth World” Kickstarter

As a huge Numenera geek I could not pass up the “Into the Ninth World” kickstarter.  Not only does it have the Outer Space elements I was hoping for, they added extra-dimensional locations and the depths of the oceans.   And the best part is the thing already funded!   Care to join us?   […]

Gen Con 2015--The Games Played Report Part 1

Gen Con 2015–The Games Played Report Part 1

This is the first post in a series covering the epic gaming carnage that was Gen Con 2015.  As usual, I begin with the games played, both by myself and my cohorts. They are presented in no particular order. After a strangely on-time flight arrival and marginal quality sleep, we started gaming bright and early-ish […]

Situational Awareness--A Brief Introduction to Aid both PC and Player

Situational Awareness–A Brief Introduction to Aid both PC and Player

Player characters live dangerous lives. Demons stalk them, dungeons crush them and paramours poison them with terrifying regularity. All that stands between character generation and your PC is a clever players. Yes, dice play a role, but over the long term canny players will out over the tyranny of chance. One of the key elements […]

Bad Plotting: We Forgot Chekov's Gun

Bad Plotting: We Forgot Chekov’s Gun

Chekov’s Gun, the oft-quoted axiom that whenever you introduce something of significance in a story, say a rifle on the wall in act one of a play MUST fire at some point later in the play.  In short, do not introduce something of note unless it actually matters to the plot. That said, I offer […]

Gencon 2015 Event Registration-- It Still Needs Some Work

Gencon 2015 Event Registration– It Still Needs Some Work

My clan of loyal tabletop gamers takes Gencon event registration very seriously because we collectively feel that you really only have one shot to get the events you really want to play. Sure, you can show up and still have a good time, but that is a crap shoot at best and often precludes attending […]

Weirworld–Part 9 The Secret of Weirworld

I considered not writing this post at all and leaving aspects of Weirworld somewhat mysterious. Specifically the origins of His Radiant Highnes, Burden and the gate to madness Herrick opened. That said, I reconsidered. Having the full story allows a game master to manipulate their plots with a sense of organization and consistency if they […]

Weirworld–Part 8 Weirworld Foci

Weirworld (Krollis) is  realm of pure magic, so any foci appropriate for a magical realm or draggable is acceptable. That said, here are a couple of foci unique to the recursion and  are listed below. Name : Carries a Writ of Devisal Description: The character’s family is trusted by the Holy Church of His Radiant […]

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