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Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby. Launches Pulp Magazine Kickstarter Launches Pulp Magazine Kickstarter   launched a new Kickstarter project to convert old pulp magazines to a digital format.  Pulp, for those of you that grew up after about 1990, were cheaply published weekly or monthly magazines full of high adventure, dangerous detectives and loose women.   Much of what we now call sci-fi, noir and fantasy has roots […]

Review : Torment-Tides of Numenera--The Explorer's Guide

Review : Torment-Tides of Numenera–The Explorer’s Guide

Monte Cook Games kindly provided a copy  of the “Torment: Tides of Numenera The Explorer’s Guide” before its official release and this is my review. Before continuing I must mention that this book is a supplement for the Numenera tabletop role-playing game. It does not contain any walk-through or hints regarding the upcoming video game, […]

Free RPG Day 2016--Game Depot Tempe, AZ

Free RPG Day 2016–Game Depot Tempe, AZ

Free RPG Day 2016 ran worldwide, but my local venue was Game Depot in Tempe, Arizona. There was much free swag to be had. Behold! Game Depot bought the “Large” Free RPG Day kit, so there was plenty to go around.  Most of the offerings were introductory game kits for less well-known games (eg. The Dark […]

Phoenix Comicon 2016 Gaming Report

Phoenix Comicon 2016 Gaming Report

Phoenix Comicon 2016 has come and gone in a flurry of cosplay and comics, but there was substantial gaming too.   Though I must focus on the gaming for this post (this is a game site, after all) a few words about the convention itself is appropriate. Phoenix Comicon is friggin’ HUGE!  I make that statement […]

Review: Easy Roller Dice Company Serpent's Blood and Legendary Copper Metal RPG Dice Sets

Review: Easy Roller Dice Company Serpent’s Blood and Legendary Copper Metal RPG Dice Sets

I remember my first set of RPG dice in the original red box so very long ago. TSR helpfully included a white crayon to fill in the numbers, lest you squint to read how badly the orc cleaved your skull.  Time passed and I upgraded my dice bag, first with crystal dice of multiple types […]

Gencon 2016 Event Registration Completed–Total Victory

Gencon 2016 event registration began today at noon Eastern time. So if you wanted to get in to a high-demand event and did not register this morning, this post is your bad news quota for today.  I always use “True Dungeon” as a benchmark of player demand because it has relatively few slots (relative to […]

Gencon 2016 Vendor List–Without the Annoying Map Interface

The Gencon 2016 vendor list is out, but Gencon once again made it difficult to use. I prefer  a  simple list of  exhibitor websites, so I stripped out the sites from the interactive map and generated a link list below. Happy shopping!   Trask, The Last Tyromancer […]

Cyphers, Submergines and a Drunk Tank--My Numenera Campaign Begins

Cyphers, Submergines and a Drunk Tank–My Numenera Campaign Begins

Numenera is my system of choice for RPG’s, but my last campaign ( Star Wars universe with Cypher System rules) collapsed after the GM bowed out. Not being a huge Star Wars fan anymore (Jar Jar and those damn Ewoks killed it for me), I volunteered to run a straight “Ninth World” Numenera campaign.  Running […]

My Major Effect Numenera-Compatible  Dice Are Unbalanced...In the Worst Possible Way

My Major Effect Numenera-Compatible Dice Are Unbalanced…In the Worst Possible Way

A Kickstarter went off a while back that sold specialized d20 dice for Numenera/Cypher System games .  Rather than the usual 1-20 numbers, these dice had Cypher System/The Strange/Numenera levels printed on them. Basically a “level” in these games is equal to three numbers on a standard die. So, a six through eight on a […]

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