3rd Edition Gamma World Unfinished Module Series

I loved “Gamma World.” It was the first non-fantasy game I ever played and it was a winner. It is also responsible for one of the great tragedies of my gaming life.

Other than the main books, there were five modules that formed a campaign published. If you are not familiar with a 20 year-old series of modules, here is the complete list.

I loved these modules. They had a great story, cool art and some of the best city maps of the day. Everything about them demanded I should run them for my players.  I purchased each of them with the intention of running them when the series completed.

Then TSR dropped that edition of “Gamma World.” I was left with five modules building up to an interesting conclusion and no conclusion.

This is how pathetic I am . I actually tried to track down an email address for Kim Eastland to find out the plot outline for the last module. I came up dry, but I did find something else interesting.

Surprisingly, I am not alone.

A group of dedicated Gamma World fans  put together the final module.  The module even has the correct font and typeface! It looks like an authentic early 80s TSR GW module.

GW11 The Omega Project

There is also a bonus module, GW5  “Rapture of the Deep.”

I have read both modules and they are worthy additions to the GW canon. My congratulations to Les Braun and all of his collaborators.

That said, I still want to talk to Kim Eastland and get a story outline for the  “official” version. So if you have any information on this, drop me a line.

Trask, the Last Tyromancer



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