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Trask Wrote Some Modules–Please Give Me Feedback!

I wrote a couple modules for the Living Arcanis campaign last year and would like some feedback. I thought they were pretty good, but they released quietly and generally disappeared into the ocean of modules for Living Arcanis and I never received any feedback from the player base if they were any good.  Therefore, I […]

29 Free 3.5 OGL Modules from Paradigm Concepts

Paradigm Concepts released 29 of  their “Living Arcanis” modules from years 3 and 4 of the campaign helpfully packaged in zip files.  I was a big fan of Living Arcanis and even wrote some modules for one of the Arcanis regions (Midake, if you are interested). The modules are all set in the Arcanis universe, […]

Eoris Releases a Playable Preview Module–The Third Contact

Eoris, the beautiful, but mysterious role-playing game quietly under development for the past year released a free 61-page preview adventure today. The adventure has enough rules to make it playable without the main book and finally gives some of the long-awaited details about the system. I have not had time to read through it thoroughly, […]

D20Pro Offering a Free D20 Module for Download

The guys over at , producers of the excellent D20Pro Online RPG Tabletop , are offering a d20 module for download…free! The module, entitled “Kobold’s Revenge: Die Adventurer! Die! ” is a  romp through a cavern system with the players controlling a group of lowly kobolds, bent on slaying the heroic meat….er…humans. Although designed […]

150 Free Dungeons and Dragons Modules for Download!

Yax over at posted a long list of free modules. It is an extensive list, but it is missing many of the Living Campaigns (see yesterday’s post), so I am posting the following to fill out the list. Most are”Dungeons and Dragons” but a few are for other games. Living Arcanis –click on “Invisible […]

Trask Writes Some Modules! Asks You to Rate His Writing Ability

In addition to my recent blogging habit, I am an Invisible King for the “Living Arcanis” campaign. Invisible Kings (IKs) maintain control over a specific region of the campaign, write modules and organize game days. My section is a city called “Midake” in the nation of “Altheria.” It is an Arabic flavored region, famed for […]

3rd Edition Gamma World Unfinished Module Series

I loved “Gamma World.” It was the first non-fantasy game I ever played and it was a winner. It is also responsible for one of the great tragedies of my gaming life. Other than the main books, there were five modules that formed a campaign published. If you are not familiar with a 20 year-old […]

Free D20 Modules!

All too often a DM is short on time and long on players in need of a challenge. Rather than throw something together, I have a great resource that will provide modules, complete with maps and monsters for a variety of challenge ratings…for free. Paradigm Concepts runs a “Living” d20 campaign called “Living Arcanis,” based […]

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