29 Free 3.5 OGL Modules from Paradigm Concepts

Paradigm Concepts released 29 of  their “Living Arcanis” modules from years 3 and 4 of the campaign helpfully packaged in zip files.  I was a big fan of Living Arcanis and even wrote some modules for one of the Arcanis regions (Midake, if you are interested). The modules are all set in the Arcanis universe, so unless you have the Arcanis books, there may be some terminology and long-term plots  that you  may not understand. Though, I am certain that Paradigm would happily sell you the required books to bring you up to speed.  Regardless, the price is right (free) and Arcanis is noted for having above average writing and fun encounters. I highly suggest checking them out.

Living Arcanis Modules Year 3

Living Arcanis Modules Year 4

Paradigm Concepts

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