Gen Con 2010 Clean-Up: xPirate from Exim Games and Outbreak: Undead

August 24, 2010 | | Comments 5

Gen Con 2010 was a great event, so great it addled my mind and I forgot two interesting games that I thought worth discussing. “Outbreak: Undead”  is a new zombie-survival horror role-playing game. Here are a couple of shots of the cover and the contents.  The format of the book is a hand-written journal, so the layout and art is spartan and raw. A nice design decision that lends some authenticity to the book.

I will probably review this book at some point in the near future, but I am swamped with work and need to catch up a bit before adding to my workload. I am sorely tempted too, because nothing makes me happier than a nice session of zombie splattering!  “Outbreak:Undead” is available now.

The second entry is the very unusual board game “xPirate” from Exim Games. Take a look at the board before I continue with the description.

Yes, that is an iphone/ipod in the center. The entire center unit rotates and players take their turns by using a software app. Then players adjust the board to reflect the results generated by the software.  A novel idea that  make the entire game extremely adaptable, just add a new app and you have a new game. “xPirate” releases this fall.

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