A Game of Thrones News: Peter Dinklage is Tyrion

Dark Horizons has a report about a new director coming on board for the new HBO series based on the George R.R. Martin series, “A Game of Thrones.” Buried in the article is a note that Peter Dinklage is playing Tyrion.   An adult-themed, brutal fantasy series with a decent actor in a key role.  Excellent!

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One thought on “A Game of Thrones News: Peter Dinklage is Tyrion

  • May 12, 2009 at 9:41 am

    This will rock. He’s a good choice for the role. A little older than the character (Tyrion is several years younger than Jaime and Cersei) but I’m sure the makeup guys can work with that.

    Tyrion is one of my favorite characters from Ice and Fire, and this is a good pick.

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