Herolab to Support Paizo Pathfinder!

The “Herolab ” character generation software package from “Lone Wolf Development ” will support the “Pathfinder ” system currently under development.

I am very excited by this development. “Pathfinder” is the only serious competitor to 4E and the “Herolab” package is one of the better character generators I have ever seen.  You can read my positive review of “Herolab”  here.

My excitement springs from the fact that gaming companies are cooperating to develop and support a 4E alternative. I do not hate 4E, but I believe that a single company dominating the RPG market with a very restrictive licensing scheme is a poor idea. Diversity equals strength.

Here is the full post from the “Lone Wolf Development” team.

6-Jul-2008   Hero Lab to support Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG

Lone Wolf Development is pleased to announce that Hero Lab will support Paizo Publishing‘s upcoming Pathfinder RPG. The Pathfinder RPG, built upon the success of Paizo’s acclaimed Pathfinder Adventure Path series, covers new changes and additions to the d20 System rules.

Hero Lab will fully support Paizo’s refinements to the d20 system, including a host of new feats and spells, updated options for all core classes, and hundreds of new items, both magical and mundane. Hero Lab support for the Pathfinder RPG will become available shortly after the release of the planned Beta edition, due out at GenCon Indy this August.

Hero Lab updates will be released as necessary throughout the playtest period. Following publication of the finalized Pathfinder RPG, final Hero Lab data files will be made available.

Hero Lab will also continue to support the Adventure Path series content via ongoing updates.

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