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Paper vs. Pixels. Part 1: Why I don’t play World of Warcraft

Despite his love of books, Aiden indulged in the occasional video game. Most of them were Martin’s—guns, robots, and tanks vaporizing whatever monsters moved before the reticule. Aiden favored sword-wielding and spellcraft, but those games were difficult to find. His mother located one as freeware from a seldom-surfed website. His warrior dodged and flipped in […]

The Civil War Today iPad App

The Civil War Today iPad App

The History Channel released an iPad app called “The Civil War Today” and it is amazing! Admittedly I am a raging Civil War geek, but this app truly leverages the iPad’s potential to create an informative and interesting reading experience. Here is a screenshot. The app is a newspaper that covers every day of the […]

D&D Insider Character Creator PC Converter–Your Character as a Web Page!

Haaldaar just sent me a web site that allows you to  upload your D&D Insider character and have it converted to an online viewable version.  All of the data from the character sheet is cleanly organized into a very compact display.  A few words of warning, the site is clearly designed to work on an […]

Herolab and d20Pro Online Tabletop are Now Compatible

Herolab now supports exporting characters to the d20Pro online tabletop.  I think this is a nice upgrade  since making d20/OGL characters is famously complicated, especially at higher levels. Here is the full press release. For Immediate Release January 21, 2009 Lone Wolf Development and MindGene, LLC are proud to announce compatibility between the award-winning character […]

Herolab Adds Authoring Kit– D&D Insider Winces in Pain

Herolab, the excellent character generation and combat management software package from Lone Wolf Development just added an authoring kit. The kit allows users to add their own data files (ie game systems) without having to buy a download from Lone Wolf. It does not take a genius to realize this release is all about “4th […]

New D20Pro Releases at Dragoncon

I just received official word that that the new version of D20Pro online game tabletop (version 1.13) will be premiered at Dragoncon. I have previously reviewed this software, which is my favorite online RPG game table software. The main improvement in this revision is the ability to create “markers” on the combat map.  These are […]

Herolab to Support Paizo Pathfinder!

The “Herolab ” character generation software package from “Lone Wolf Development ” will support the “Pathfinder ” system currently under development. I am very excited by this development. “Pathfinder” is the only serious competitor to 4E and the “Herolab” package is one of the better character generators I have ever seen.  You can read my […]

Software Review: Herolab by Lone Wolf Development

Creating a new RPG character annoys me.  Whether it be an NPC or my player character, I find the process painful.  Rules minutiae, stat calculations and filling out character sheets are simply not fun.  This is especially bad with math intensive rules systems like the 3.5 OGL from  “Wizards of the Coast.” Even WOTC realized […]

Software Review: D20pro Online Tabletop

A couple of years ago, I moved from the lovely state of Arizona to California. I arrived in the city with no gaming buddy network to draw upon, so I endeavored to play remotely with my regular Arizona game group. Initially, we played across the AIM chat network with dice macros. Later improvements included open-source […]

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