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Bad Plotting: We Forgot Chekov's Gun

Bad Plotting: We Forgot Chekov’s Gun

Chekov’s Gun, the oft-quoted axiom that whenever you introduce something of significance in a story, say a rifle on the wall in act one of a play MUST fire at some point later in the play.  In short, do not introduce something of note unless it actually matters to the plot. That said, I offer […]

I feel 14 Again! Pat Robertson Says D&D Will Destroy My Life

As a teenager in the 80s I felt nothing but pride that Pat Robertson, ignorant and fanatical anti-D&D crusader hated my hobby. My thinking was that if an idiot of such epic scale hated my hobby then it must be worth doing! Eventually the hysteria faded and gamers got on with the business of gaming. […]

Proof The Hunger Games Author Sucks at World Building

I am willing to forgive many sins in a film, book or game  campaign but there is one thing that is unforgivable: lousy world building. Good world building involves creating an unreal place with internal logic that works. That is not to say that it has to make sense in “our” world, but it is […]

The Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Rant

The Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Rant

I consider 4th edition to be the “Star Trek: Enterprise” of the RPG world. An utter turd spawned from a beloved franchise,  floating along on the river of  franchise goodwill. Until it is justifiably flushed… That sucking sound you hear is the last breath of 4th edition going to a sewery grave. This also marks […]

NDAs, 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons and RPG Media Sell-Outs

NDAs, 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons and RPG Media Sell-Outs

Non-disclosure agreements protect games during development from idea/concept theft and premature release of less-than-perfect versions. All well and good, but the recent flood of NDAs signed by various web sites regarding 5th Editon (or whatever the final name is ) D&D I find troubling.  Some  RPG blog sites, which I shall not name, got early […]

Gen Con 2011–The Rant

Gen Con 2011 is now one week past and it is time for my last thoughts. Forgive me as I wander through my disjointed thoughts of Gen Con 2011 because in addition to some great games, I picked up a “Con Crud” infection.  What fun. Let me start with my initial thoughts about the shows’ […]

The Little Moments

The Little Moments

If someone asks me why my hobby is role-playing games my stock answer is “they are fun.”  It was not until last Saturday night’s game that I experienced an epiphany. In one encounter I finally understood why I enjoy role-playing games so very much.  I play the game for the little moments. My RPG sessions […]

Paper vs. Pixels. Part 1: Why I don’t play World of Warcraft

Despite his love of books, Aiden indulged in the occasional video game. Most of them were Martin’s—guns, robots, and tanks vaporizing whatever monsters moved before the reticule. Aiden favored sword-wielding and spellcraft, but those games were difficult to find. His mother located one as freeware from a seldom-surfed website. His warrior dodged and flipped in […]

Threshold: 10,000 Unique Visitors This Month!

I have never posted about Livingdice’s traffic before because no one really cares but me. That said, I reached a threshold I had as a personal goal for the past couple of years and just felt the urge to share my joy: 10,000 unique visitors this month! It only took a mere three years and […]

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