Herolab and d20Pro Online Tabletop are Now Compatible

Herolab now supports exporting characters to the d20Pro online tabletop.  I think this is a nice upgrade  since making d20/OGL characters is famously complicated, especially at higher levels.

Here is the full press release.

For Immediate Release
January 21, 2009

Lone Wolf Development and MindGene, LLC are proud to announce compatibility
between the award-winning character creator Hero Lab and cutting-edge virtual tabletop

With Hero Lab 3.0 and d20Pro 1.14, you can create a d20 System character within Hero
Lab and then import it into d20Pro with only a few clicks of the mouse. Characters
created and validated in Hero Lab are seamlessly transferred to any campaign
augmented by d20Pro’s virtual tabletop (VTT). “Building upon our alliances with
numerous publishers, this partnership with MindGene represents the first step towards
creating a collaborative software ecosystem for the RPG community,” says Rob Bowes,
President of Lone Wolf Development.

This new integration allows you all the power and flexibility of Hero Lab’s character
management engine, coupled with the extensive capabilities of d20Pro’s virtual tabletop,
to run your regular game session. You can also take advantage of the hundreds of stock
heroes and animals already included within Hero Lab, quickly importing them into your
d20Pro game. Once imported, you can mix and match these creatures with those already
in d20Pro. “This partnership emphasizes the core competencies of both products and
establishes a new high water mark for what software can offer those who enjoy d20
based gaming,” adds MindGene President, Mat Morton.

Hero Lab, winner of a 2008 ENnie award for “Best Aid or Accessory”, is an easy to use
character management program for Windows. Supported game systems include the d20
System, Mutants & Masterminds, World of Darkness, and Savage Worlds. Download the
free demo fromhttp://www.wolflair.com/hero_lab/.

d20Pro is a VTT for d20 System games that runs as a Java application on Windows, Mac,
and Linux. Last year’s exploits include groundbreaking player experiences at Origins,
GenCon, and Dragon*Con featuring d20Pro enabled sessions of Paizo’s Pathfinder
Society, The Cheese Grinder, original series Kobolds’ Revenge, and many other games.
Obtain more information and a free trial of d20Pro athttp://www.d20pro.com/.


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