Paizo Pathfinder charts a new course–Players Fix the 3.5 Rules

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Pathfinder Announcement

I am excited about this announcement for a couple of reasons. Primarily, I am thrilled that Paizo is beta-testing the rules in the real world for a year! If there is an issue with the underlying system, either in execution or explanation, then a year of real-world testing is sure to catch it.  Using a “wikipedia” model is sure to clean up some of the more annoying things in the 3.5 OGL system. A unified grapple/disarm/trip mechanic being one such candidate for improvement. There are many other examples.

I admit, I am a Linux geek, so letting the internet “crowd” contribute to the game’s development really lights my fire. I have seen it work with an OS, so a game system should be easy.

To a lesser extent, I applaud Paizo’s chutzpah at not following the “Wizards of the Coast” crowd. Most gaming sites on the net obsess about the hype machine that is 4th edition. Paizo is really laying it on the line charting its own course. A course that involves backward compatibility. I really think the game sites and bloggers are underestimating the appeal of going to a game system that does not involve obsoleting my substantial  3.5 game book collection.

As to 4th edition support, Paizo explicitly stated they will support fan efforts to convert to the new system.  Flexibility with their copyrighted material is sure to increase their player base and footprint on the net. A refreshing change from companies using flesh-eating lawyers to protect their intellectual property.

Again, I am really looking forward to seeing what they do with a 3.5 rule set after a year of testing.  Unless 4th edition takes my breath away, I might consider a “Pathfinder” 3.5 rules set for my gaming.

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