Board Game Report: Pandemic, Snow Tails and Obama Nation

I dropped by my FLGS and jumped into a couple of quick board games and picked up an unusual card game. All of which were so entertaining that they deserved a post. We started off with “Snow Tails” by Asmodee Editions. This import board game places you in charge of mushing a dog team through a dynamically created racing trackĀ  against other players. You play numbered cards on each dog (you have two) that determines each dogs speed. So if you play two “2” value cards, then the dogs move ahead a total of 4 spaces on the track. However, if you play a “3” and a “5” then you move a total of eight spaces, but must drift right or left two spaces (the difference between 3 and 5). The direction depends on which side of your sled you play the card. Mechanically simple, but dodging obstacles, other players and some crevasses made it quite challenging. I will most certainly play this game again.

Snow Tails

After a quick break, we started “Pandemic” from Z-Man Games and tried to save the world from several vicious plagues.

Pandemic Board Game Box

A cooperative game that pits all players against a randomly (and rapidly) spreading miasma of foul disease across the globe, “Pandemic” is a friendly game since everyone has the same goal. No back-biting here! The rules are not complex and mostly involve moving around the board, creating research labs and gathering resources (ie cards) to defeat the plagues. Sadly, the plagues reproduce at an astonishing rate, so this is harder than it appears. We won our game relatively easily and the other players said it was the easiest game they had ever played. Apparently we got lucky on card draws and managed to keep the plagues in check. I had a good time with this one and look forward to trying it again.

Pandemic Game Board

The final game I did not play, but picked up because the store owner gave me a great pitch on it for the humor value. It is “Obama Nation” from Twisted Rules. A quick read of the rules indicates this is an “Old Maid/Go Fish” hybrid. The goal is to make pairs of Pork cards and spend all the nations money. Nothing particularly ground-breaking, but the art and humor were clever so I will play this with some politically active buddies for a laugh one night.

0bama Nation Card Game

Here are two of the more entertaining cards. The Bernie Made-Off card is the game’s “Old Maid.”

Obama Nation Cards

We now return to our regularly scheduled RPG commentary.

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2 thoughts on “Board Game Report: Pandemic, Snow Tails and Obama Nation

  • August 31, 2009 at 10:57 am

    I haven’t seen Obama Nation yet, however from what I heard it is completely open on who is being bashed throughout the game. It should be a fun game.

  • September 24, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    I for one have played Obama Nation the card game and found it to be verry entertaining. The art work is outstanding and the point of the game is completely relevent to what is happening now. I didn’t find that it had a ton to do with President Obama himself, just the rediculous spending that is taking place.
    Like I said the art work is great and one of the funniest things to see is the reaction on the persons face when they get the Bernie made-off card.
    I recomend this game. It’s easy to learn and very entertaining.

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