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Computer Simulations and Modern Warfare

Foreign Policy magazine has a great article about the use of computer simulations and how they are used by the American military. “America’s Army” does get a mention, but there are several other programs either underway or planned that leverage games to train soldiers.  It also mentions some of the pitfalls of virtual training. Interesting […]

How Do You Pitch a Role-Playing Campaign Change?

This weekend I pitched a new campaign to my regular gaming group. Haaldaar runs a great 4th Edition undead-focused campaign in the Shadowfell for me and four other players. He has been running for the better part of a year and I offered to run something to give him a break. Since I am not […]

Real Review or Marketing Spin: How to Tell the Difference

Astroturfing is the fine art of generating buzz on the internet through deceptive methods. Here are some classic examples, fake websites, viral videos, “independent” blogs operated by marketing companies and supportive forum posts on key community web sites. Posts written by some marketing intern in a posh ad agency office. Astroturfing is, literally, everywhere on […]

Board Game Report: Pandemic, Snow Tails and Obama Nation

Board Game Report: Pandemic, Snow Tails and Obama Nation

I dropped by my FLGS and jumped into a couple of quick board games and picked up an unusual card game. All of which were so entertaining that they deserved a post. We started off with “Snow Tails” by Asmodee Editions. This import board game places you in charge of mushing a dog team through […]

Role-Playing Games Designed for Busy, Adult Gamers

I am a busy adult. I have a full-time job, a wife and all the things that associated with maintaining a modern household. I do not have children, but many gamers my age have some. All of this combines in a perfect storm to destroy my gaming opportunities. It got me thinking about the underlying […]

Why Have Your Role-Playing Game Groups Disbanded?

Most gamers have tales of failed game groups. Groups that went from successful to extinct, sometimes overnight.   Finding a good one that is a proper “fit” is incredibly hard. Especially if you recently relocated or have been out of the hobby for a while.  Game group failure can literally kill your hobby for weeks or […]

My Predictions Regarding the State of Gaming in the Year 2020

I am not one for psychic powers, but I am a firm believer in trend prediction and extrapolations based on what we know now. Here is my best shot at describing the state of tabletop gaming in the year 2020. Let us begin with the rule book, a key requirement for any game. I foresee […]

Reviving an Obscure Role-Playing Game: Nightbane

Few role-playing games have the enduring power of “Dungeons and Dragons.” Many games arrive with some fanfare and then quickly fade from our collective memories. Perhaps the world was too complex, the rules substandard or the publisher went bankrupt. I am now starting a new, semi-regular feature on to remind the gaming community about […]

Are Games Teaching Children the Needed Post-Apocalyptic Skills?

The Onion asks the critical question: are violent games teaching our children to survive after a nuclear apocalypse? Sadly, the answer is still up for debate. Every child needs the basic head-chopping, zombie killing skills and they need them now. Let no child be left behind…as a zombie’s lunch! Trask, The Last Tyromancer Are Violent […]

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