Music for War–Taiko by Kodo

I normally am not a fan of using music during my games. I tend to find itC8159F60-0EEF-4110-A61E-A3093E1576FF.jpg

distracting. That said, I am attending a Japanese Taiko drum concert tonight by “Kodo” and think that it would make good “realia” for a game session.

I saw them on their last tour and was truly impressed. The drums are powerful and the drummers are incredibly athletic. I had nosebleed seats andĀ  could still feel the drum vibrations in my spine! I have much better seats this time and fear I might shake apart from all of the vibration. šŸ˜‰

While I am not suggesting you use this on a continual basis in your game, a large battle scene might be well served with some ferocious Taiko beats. Think of the ominous drums in Moria during the firstĀ  “Lord of the Rings” movie.

If you are interested in sampling Taiko, you can listen to someĀ  on the Kodo preview page. The page is in Japanese, but it is easy to figure out.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.