Gen Con Registration Starts 2-15–Hotel Registration on 2-17

I am buried at work and blogging is correspondingly light, but a looming deadline roused me to post. Gen Con registration opens  this Sunday (2-15-09) for badge purchases.  Gen Con is still months away, but an early badge purchase is critical to access the hotel reservation system that goes live on Tuesday (2-17-09) at 12:00 EST.

A quick summary for those who do not know how Gen Con hotel reservation system functions. After you purchase a badge, Gen Con sends you an access code that you use on a separate web site to make hotel reservations. All of the rooms through this third-party system are from the “Gen Con Block” of rooms and significantly cheaper than making the reservation yourself through a hotel or other method.  It is my understanding that last year most of the “block” rooms were around $165.00 per night. I already have reservations at the Crowne Plaza for Gen Con (this is my backup plan) and they are running $320.00 per night! I am definitely trying for the discount rooms. More cash for game purchases. 😉

The big discount also creates high demand for the block rooms. Previous attendees told me that the cheap “block” rooms sell out the first day, often in the first hour after they go on sale. Hence the reason for this post. I am giving everyone fair warning.

You can see the official Gen Con registration information page for more information.

Good luck!

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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