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Gen Con 2015: The Games Played Part 3

Gen Con 2015: The Games Played Part 3

After getting out of the playtest room, I rolled straight into a game of Numenera: The Hideous Game I am a huge Numenera fan and regard it as the best RPG currently on the market. Period.  I jumped at the chance and the module was, as expected a great time. Since it will be published/run […]

Gen Con 2015-The Games Played Part 2 Report: Super Robo Rally

Gen Con 2015-The Games Played Part 2 Report: Super Robo Rally

Every Gen Con I try and attend at least one event that you can only play at a large convention like Gen Con. This year I tried my hand a Super Robo Rally by Team Hassenplug. This game is based on the popular RoboRally board game except the game is played out by actual 1ft […]

Gen Con 2015--The Games Played Report Part 1

Gen Con 2015–The Games Played Report Part 1

This is the first post in a series covering the epic gaming carnage that was Gen Con 2015.  As usual, I begin with the games played, both by myself and my cohorts. They are presented in no particular order. After a strangely on-time flight arrival and marginal quality sleep, we started gaming bright and early-ish […]

Gencon 2015 Event Registration-- It Still Needs Some Work

Gencon 2015 Event Registration– It Still Needs Some Work

My clan of loyal tabletop gamers takes Gencon event registration very seriously because we collectively feel that you really only have one shot to get the events you really want to play. Sure, you can show up and still have a good time, but that is a crap shoot at best and often precludes attending […]

Gencon 2015 Hotel Registration--The Housing Hunger Games

Gencon 2015 Hotel Registration–The Housing Hunger Games

Every year my cohorts and I stand by, waiting for the nanosecond that the Gencon reservation system allows us to book rooms. We all press the button and surge forth to fight off the hordes of gamers trying to get in the system first and score prime hotels. Every year, we do really well and […]

The Sound of Carnage--Ambient Music for Role-Playing Games

The Sound of Carnage–Ambient Music for Role-Playing Games

A couple of companies at Gencon had sound effect software/music on offer specifically for role-playing games. Sound effects are something I never tried on my RPG table, so I thought I should check out two Gencon offerings and one source that I found independently. These offerings range from mixing board applications, standard MP3 sound effects […]

Gencon 2014--Items of Interest

Gencon 2014–Items of Interest

This post is all about the odd and wonderful things I ran across at Gencon 2014, presented in no particular order.  Our Gencon 2014 adventure begins at the booth where my salivary glands went into overdrive for these amazing card deck boxes.   Well made, beautiful and a steal at $35.00 each. I may […]

Gen Con 2014 Games Played

Gen Con 2014 Games Played

Gencon 2014 enters history and I once again survived four marathon days of gaming glory.  This report will focus on the games I played and some the trip itself. Future entries will focus on the vendors and products. After an inauspicious start to the trip, as seen in the picture below of my supposed seat, […]

Iron GM at Gencon 2013-- A Review and a Bit of a Rant

Iron GM at Gencon 2013– A Review and a Bit of a Rant

I lost Iron GM.  Let me get the suspense out of the way immediately.  There is no surprise ending here, just my thoughts on the event, how it runs and how it might be improved (see the rant section at the bottom of the post.)  This is a fairly detailed description of the event because […]

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