Kenzerco Launches a Broadside at the GSL

Kingdoms of Kalamar ” released today claiming 4th edition compatibility…and no GSL agreement.  The Robertson Game Blog is reporting that they are invoking the “nominative use” clause in copyright law that allows them to reference the 4th Edition rules without the GSL.

I had heard of this legal principle before in regards to board games, specifically that you cannot copyright “rules.” This is what allows different games to have the same mechanic, such as the many variations on a trick taking card game or “Risk ”  clones. I am happy to see someone testing this legal principle with RPGs.

Should Kenzerco pull this off…without an extended legal fight, then the GSL is dead in the water. I hope the GSL withers before it can take root.

By the way, Kenzerco’s president is a copyright lawyer in the real world. This could get interesting.

Hat Tip: Worlds in a Handful of Dice

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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