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Gencon 2014--Items of Interest

Gencon 2014–Items of Interest

This post is all about the odd and wonderful things I ran across at Gencon 2014, presented in no particular order.  Our Gencon 2014 adventure begins at the booth where my salivary glands went into overdrive for these amazing card deck boxes.   Well made, beautiful and a steal at $35.00 each. I may […]

Gen Con 2014 Ticket Registration is Complete

After a rather frantic week of planning, I and my cohorts launched our Gen Con 2014 ticket assault this  morning to great success! There were a few high-profile events that I really wanted to attend, but knew were desired by many and doubted I could score a seat. I particularly sweat the RPG events because […]

Gen Con 2013 Exhibitors and Vendor Link List with Descriptions

Gen Con 2013 draws near and here is my yearly list of all the vendors attending Gen Con 2013.  If you see any errors or omissions, please drop me a line.   Trask, The Last Tyromancer Online role-playing game tools Abbots Hollow Studios Using leather and creative imagination to create fantastical creatures, faces, potion […]

The Agony of Choice: Gen Con 2013 Event Decisions

Choice is usually a good thing. I sometimes like hamburgers and sometime hot dogs. Having a choice between two options is nice and gives a sense of control to my life. A sense of control that evaporated when I once again undertook the arduous process of choosing events for Gen Con 2013. Every year I […]

Gen Con 2013 Events are up!

The Gen Con 2013 Events are posted!   Trask.

Gen Con 2012–The Final Report–Part 2

Yesterday focused more on the vendors and my purchases. Today is all about the specific events and the promised “worst con game session ever.”    Thursday started off with “Firefly Hero.” We hopped aboard “Serenity” and tried to make a living being bad men while avoid the Alliance. By some miracle I wound up with […]

Gen Con 2012--The Final Report--Part 1

Gen Con 2012–The Final Report–Part 1

Gen Con 2012 is over and this is my report on the weekend’s festivities. The information appears in no particular order.   Wizards of the Coast starts our report with the release of a new “Dungeon Command” set “Tyranny of Goblins.” I played with my cohort Werlen, who is a massive miniature fan, especially the […]

Paizo's Pathfinder Society Does Gen Con Right!

Paizo’s Pathfinder Society Does Gen Con Right!

Paizo’s Pathfinder Society rarely merits mention on Livingdice because I do not participate in the campaign. Nothing against it, in fact I like the Pathfinder system, but I only have a finite amount of gaming time. Yesterday Haaldaar forwarded me an email from Paizo regarding their Gen Con plans that impressed me enough to write […]

Gen Con 2011 Report Part 1

Gen Con 2011 is over and I survived!  Normally it takes nearly a week for me to pull my life back together and get this post up, but I am strangely energized. Perhaps it was my decision to limit my backpack’s weight to an absolute bare minimum. Nothing like strained shoulders to sap the strength. […]

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