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Cheap Miniatures! Expanding the world of No Thank You, Evil!

Cheap Miniatures! Expanding the world of No Thank You, Evil!

In case you haven’t heard, Monte Cook Games is about to release a new RPG. And, this one is for kids!  Its called No Thank You, Evil! Yes, its amazing. I have only had a couple sessions of play time at this point, but one thing is clear. With kids, especially young kids, props are everything. […]

MaricopaCon 2014 Report

MaricopaCon 2014 Report

  This weekend I attended our local gaming convention. MaricopaCon is funded through Kickstarter and this is its second year. Trask and I attended last year so I thought it would make a good warm-up for GenCon in two weeks. The convention runs Saturday and Sunday, but I only attended Saturday. The selection of games […]

5E Dungeons and Dragons Miniature Announcements

5E Dungeons and Dragons Miniature Announcements

WizKids announced some new 5E licensed miniature products during a Reddit AMA that show WOTC is really going big on the 5E release at Gen Con 2014. Feel free to read the link, but it boils down to the following information: there is a new set of tabletop miniatures coming out to support 5E, produced […]

ExIllis Miniature Game Launches a Kickstarter–Would You Kickstart a Game that Already Failed?

Exillis, a miniature skirmish game from Bastion Games (now bankrupt) won my “Best of Show at GTS in 2009. Exillis combined tabletop mechanics with a computer-based rule adjudication system. I thought it original and a great first step forward to bring better digital support to miniature games.  A game genre that frequently combines vast quantities […]

Battlefoam Versus Blood of Kittens Update--Battlefoam Counter-Sues in Arizona

Battlefoam Versus Blood of Kittens Update–Battlefoam Counter-Sues in Arizona

The Battlefoam lawsuit versus Blood of Kittens continues with Battlefoam filing a counter-suit in Arizona.  The lawsuit in its entirety is at the bottom of this post as a PDF file if you want to read the whole thing, Once you get past the legal boilerplate, here is the bare bones version of the lawsuit. […]

Battlefoam Versus Blood of Kittens–Another Pointless, Tedious Legal Fight

Over the years I have covered some notable legal issues that directly impact the gaming industry and once again Battlefoam is back in the news. Here is a quick summary with helpful numbers to keep the order straight. 1. The Blood of Kittens blog (allegedly) said some unflattering things about Battlefoam and its owner. 2. […]

Reclaim Space Marines from Games Workshop's Lawyers

Reclaim Space Marines from Games Workshop’s Lawyers

Games Workshop registered a trademark for “Space Marines” some years ago and is now using that to force Amazon to pull a sci-fi ebook from their store because it uses the term “space marines” in the title.  Normally I avoid dipping my toes in anything to do with GW’s legal adventures, but this is egregious.  […]

Gen Con 2012–The Final Report–Part 2

Yesterday focused more on the vendors and my purchases. Today is all about the specific events and the promised “worst con game session ever.”    Thursday started off with “Firefly Hero.” We hopped aboard “Serenity” and tried to make a living being bad men while avoid the Alliance. By some miracle I wound up with […]

Wings of Glory Bomber Miniatures Release May 7th!

Wings of Glory Bomber Miniatures Release May 7th!

Trask is pleased. I am a big fan of “Wings of Glory”/”Wings of War” and have longed for the really big plane miniatures to arrive.  They release on May 7th, 2012. Behold the glory of the Caproni Ca.3 and the Gotha G.V.     Here is the full press release:   The first releases of […]

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