5E Dungeons and Dragons Miniature Announcements

WizKids announced some new 5E licensed miniature products during a Reddit AMA that show WOTC is really going big on the 5E release at Gen Con 2014. Feel free to read the link, but it boils down to the following information: there is a new set of tabletop miniatures coming out to support 5E, produced by Wizkids and there is also a “Wings of Glory”-like aerial combat game as well.

There is not a great deal of specifics on either game, but WOTC did put out a picture on their twitter feed with a few examples.

5e_DND_miniatures The image is not detailed enough to really get a feel for the quality of the sculpts or the painting. The lack of the “clix”  and statements during the AMA suggest no  clix compatibility.  The big question always for me is always whether the miniatures are blind buys or visible.  I loathe blind buys and thanks to being old and established, I just buy singles and not role the dice on getting rares in a pack.  Sadly, it sounds like  the new miniature sets are going to be partially blind buy. That is, some figures are visible, but the rest are random. Attack Wing will use the Star Wars game model with visible miniatures and a base set.


From the AMA:


“The D&D RPG line have a combination of visible and blind packaging, much like our other RPG line 😉

Our Attack Wing D&D game will be configured very much like our Star Trek: Attack Wing game, with a box set and stand alone visible figures.”


I am torn by this announcement. While thrilled that Wizards is going “all in” on 5E with lots of ancillary products and support, the Attack Wing game is yet another re-skinned version of  “Wing of Glory.” While the tabletop RPG miniatures include iconic characters like Drizz’t…again.  Originality is not really a strong selling point in this announcement. That said, Wizkids produces good miniatures and solid sculpts. Some of their miniatures in the DC line are some of the best pre-painted miniatures I have ever seen. So at least the product will be decent quality and the attack wing game is sure to have some great dragons!

I look forward to checking them out at Gen Con.


Trask, The Last Tyromancer





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