Gaming Spotlight: Living Forgotten Realms at Origins!

In addition to several of the readers here at LivingDice, the great Trask and myself will be traveling to the Origins game faire this year in Columbus, OH.

High up on our docket is Living Arcanis. However, what to-do in those other slots?

Well for you Origins going 4E droolers like me, I am proud to say that 4E will be at Origins!!!

And I am sure you are now saying…”The Origins list isn’t up yet, how do you know what is there?”

Well, I noticed on the WOTC website that there was a call out for judges. Being the nosey person I am, I clicked through to see what the sign-up sheet was. And low and behold one of the “judging preferences” was for fourth edition stuff. Well that peaked my interest…

So I headed over to the Judges coordination website. I have judged for the RPGA at major cons in the past, so I have an account. Well low and behold I found this information…

First there was this…
“We’re also offering some exciting 4th Edition releases at Origins. A new preview adventure for the next living campaign, Living Forgotten Realms, premieres here! Called Death in the Skyfire Wastes, it takes the PCs to the harsh lands of Calimshan where they race against time to reveal secrets long buried in the desert sands. Living Forgotten Realms debuts this August; 3rd-level characters are provided for this event.”

Then there was this…
“Lastly, as a special treat, we’re premiering a classic “throwback” location in an adventure newly updated for 4th Edition! Return to the Moathouse, written by Mike Mearls, takes a group of 5th-level PCs to the moathouse from the Temple of Elemental Evil. Learn what new dangers await as you attempt to defeat Tahrg Soulhammer, a murderous orc cleric of Iuz. You can create your own 5th-level character using the 4th Edition Player’s Handbook and the rules posted at (to be posted by June 16), or use one of our fastplay characters.”

HOTZAM! Most of you don’t know my namesake, however Haaldaar was my first D&D character in my “rebirth” to gaming. And well, he got eaten by a Greater Barghest in the same Temple of Elemental Evil. Hot damn! I will be creating a character. His name will be Haaldaar. And I will finish that adventure with a pear of friggen BARGHEST BOOTS!!!!

And finally, even though the last entry said “lastly”, there was still this…
“Of course, as usual, we’ll be offering our D&D Dungeon Delve (now updated to 4th Edition). Play for 30 minutes and earn tokens that are redeemable for prizes as you navigate through the Blackdread Caverns”

Dang… Now I don’t have any free slots in the con again!

But I will have some Barghest boots!



Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.