The GAMA Trade Show 2014 Begins This Week

The annual gathering of hobby game retailers in Las Vegas begins tomorrow at the Game Manufacturers Trade Association Show  at Bally’s casino. I covered the show for the past few years, but this year I am not GAMA_TRADE_SHOW_LOGO attending.  Which is a shame because, so far as I know, I am the only person that actually covered every vendor at the show and not just the “big” announcements from the top 5 manufacturers. This year is sure to be especially bad for smaller exhibitors because the 100-foot-tall radioactive juggernaut of doom is arriving: 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons (or whatever Wizards call it).

Wizards of the Coast is sure to “win” the show with a first look at the new books and miniatures for the latest iteration of D&D.  Sadly, there are many more vendors that the gaming journalism community simply ignores because their products do not draw enough eyeballs to a site. Fresh ideas be damned!

I cannot really do anything about it this year, but at least I can repost the list of attendees.  Take a look and see if your favorite companies are exhibiting.


Perhaps I can attend next year and give these companies the attention they deserve.


Trask, The Last Tyromancer



1-A Games 602 Konami 206
8th Level Entertainment 622 Koplow Games, Inc. 320
ACD Distribution 307 Krazy Kinfolk 619
Acrylicos Vallejo SL 319 LightSpeed 129
Action Sports Cards & Collectibles 228 Lion Rampant Imports 326
Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) 120 Lock ‘n Load 225
All Over the Board Games
525 Looney Labs 227
Alliance Game Distributors 205 Magazine Exchange, Inc. 429
Arcane Wonders 110 Maranda Enterprises, LLC. 533
Ares Games SRL 323 Mayfair Games 201
Asmodee Editions 502 Mirror Box Games 611
Atlas Games 513 Monster Protectors 116
Baksha Games 334 Monte Cook Games 318
Battle Foam 510 Mr. B Games 608
Blue Orange Games 422 MYNDzei Games 523
Bushiroad 112 Nested Egg Gaming 531
Catalyst Game Labs 220 Ninja Division 601
Chaosium Inc. 532 North Star Games 415
Cheapass Games 515 OffWorld Designs Inc. 124
Chessex Manufacturing   91 Outlaw Miniatures 417
Chivalry Games 621 P.O.W.E.R. Core Games 418
Christian Haven 620 Paizo 102
Collins Epic Wargames 516 Palladium Books 332
Common Ground 528 Passport Game Studios 133
CoolMiniOrNot 501 Pastimes 514
Critical Success 614 Peachstate Hobby Distribution 419
Cryptozoic 101 Playford Games 527
Crystal Caste 108 Playroom Entertainment 410
CrystalCommerce 403 Power 9 Pro 613
Cubicle 7 Entertainment 121 Publisher Services, Inc. (PSI) 125
Dapper Devil 234 Queen Games 315
Days of Wonder 308 Q-Workshop 520
Eagle Games 126 R & R Games 333
Eden Studios 610 Red Raven Games 130
Edutainment 526 Sign in Blood, LLC 530
E-Figures 236 SMART Toys and Games Inc. 507
Enter-Play 426 Southern Hobby Distribution 219
Existence Games
618 Star City Games 433
Fantasy Flight 231 Steve Jackson Games 123
Flying Buffalo 512 Stone Blade Entertainment 137
Flying Frog Productions 411 Strange Magic Games 420
GAMA 100 StuntKite Publishing 521
Games Salute LLC 412 TableTop 434
Games Workshop 301 Tasty Minstrel Games 336
GameStation 606 324
Gen Du: The Gentleman’s Duel 617 Trippie Games 612
Gorilla Games 237 Twilight Creations Inc. 600
Greater Games Industry 331 Upper Deck 215
Green Eye Games 626 USAopoly 524
Green Ronin Publishing 518 Victory Point Games, LLC 425
GreenBrier Games 321 WarPath Game Distributors 432
Griggling Games Inc. 609 Warlord 430
GTS Distribution 131 White Wizard 616
Hairbrained Schemes 233 Wizards of the Coast   90
Hawk Wargames 517 WizKids 209
Hobby-Q/Reaper Miniatures 118 WorldWise Imports 111
IDW Publishing 327 Wyrd Miniatures 106
Iello 107 Z-Man Games 203
Imbalanced Games 607 ZiKo Games 624
Impressions 115 Zvezda 506
Japanime Games 500
Jasco Games 427 GAMA Service Provider Kiosks
The Legend Group Reg Desk
Service Tables Homeland Security Reg Desk
KC Store Fixtures GAMA Programs Reg Desk
Beckett Grading Services Cynergy Data Reg Desk


Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.