Wings of Glory Bomber Miniatures Release May 7th!

Trask is pleased. I am a big fan of “Wings of Glory”/”Wings of War” and have longed for the really big plane miniatures to arrive.  They release on May 7th, 2012. Behold the glory of the Caproni Ca.3 and the Gotha G.V.



Here is the full press release:


The first releases of the WW1 Wings of Glory line, the Special Packs with the bombers Caproni Ca.3 and Gotha G.V, arrived at Ares Games’ warehouse in U.S. and are now shipping to North America distributors. The packs will hit US and Canadian stores starting on May 7th. In Europe, they are going to be available in late May.

These Special Packs are designed to be used with the popular WW1 Wings of Glory air combat game system. Each pack is a ready-to-play large size model, in 1:144 scale, painted and assembled, and includes a special base with gaming stats, a variable altitude flying stand, and a specific deck of maneuver cards, as well as specific rules and components necessary to use the airplane. To play with it, it’s necessary to have a WW1 Wings of Glory Starter Set or any other compatible WW1 airplane combat rules set – the Special Packs are 100% compatible with the former “Wings of War” game system.

The four Special Packs feature the Italian heavy bomber Caproni Ca.3 in two versions – one piloted by Lieutenant Casimiro Buttini and a C.E.P. 115 (Caproni Esnault Pelterie), produced in France by Robert Esnault Pelterie under license -, and the long-range heavy bomber Gotha G.V, used by the Luftstreitkräfte (Imperial German Air Service) used by Kagohl 3, the unit formed in late 1916 to bomb England, flied by Oberleutnant Walter Aschoff and by Lieutenant von Korff and Lieutenant von Zedlitz.

The Wings of Glory products are distributed worldwide, in English language, by Ares Games. In Italy, Red Glove publishes the Italian editions of the game and distributes it. In Germany, the game is distributed exclusively by Heidelberger; in France, by Edge/Millennium; in the U.K., by Esdevium.

To celebrate the arrival of the WW1 Wings of Glory Bombers, Ares Games will promote a contest from May 7th to 10th. Each day, at the 16:30 UTC, a three questions quiz about WW1 planes, pilots and other trivia will be presented, and the first participant to answer correctly will win a Special WW1 Pack. The Ares Games’ fans on Facebook will have the chance to win an extra pack every day.

The suggested retail price for the WW1 Wings of Glory Special Packs is US$ 34.90. For more information about the game, visit the Ares Games website –


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