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Monte Cook’s “The Strange” Role-Playing Game Kickstarter Begins

“The Strange”  is the latest Numenera-system based role-playing game from Monte Cook and Bruce Cordell.  The game premise reminded me a bit of the old West End Games “TORG” universe. An alien data network called  “The Strange” allows users to travel between diverse worlds (called recursions) and the PCs adapt to the various environments.  Base […]

Climbing is Hard! Make Your PCs Roll Higher

Climbing is Hard! Make Your PCs Roll Higher

Verisimilitude in games is never a high priority for me. Role-playing game PCs are borderline superheroes anyway so petty activities like climbing a mountain are merely bumps in a long and dangerous road. Recent events lead me to cast a bit more attention on climbing in games because I tried it in the real world. […]

Gen Con 2012–The Final Report–Part 2

Yesterday focused more on the vendors and my purchases. Today is all about the specific events and the promised “worst con game session ever.”    Thursday started off with “Firefly Hero.” We hopped aboard “Serenity” and tried to make a living being bad men while avoid the Alliance. By some miracle I wound up with […] is Sponsoring Conflagration 2012

Conflagration 2012 is a new tabletop gaming convention in Tempe, Arizona and we are proud sponsors! I am a firm believer that local gaming conventions are critical to the survival of the hobby game industry, so anything this site can do to drive more people to conventions I will support.  Membership is $20.00 for the […]

GAMA Trade Show 2012–The Day After

Actually, it is a couple of days after, but close enough. Once again I braved  Las Vegas, the real-world version of Mos Eisley spaceport for all the latest in gaming news at the Game Manufacturers Trade Show 2012.  Over the next week I will post reports on the multitude of vendors and other happenings. Unlike […]

GAMA Trade Show 2012 Exhibitors and Vendors Link List

GAMA Trade Show 2012 Exhibitors and Vendors Link List

RPGs, board games, computer games and everything in between are on offer at this year’s Game Manufacturers Association Trade Show 2012 in Las Vegas.  Here is my yearly list of exhibitors and their respective websites, as well as  a short description of the company.  The show runs from March 12th -16th at Ballys and I […]

Livingdice Goes Black Tommorow to Protest SOPA

I may not have much traffic relative to Google and Wikipedia, but I do enjoy the right to publish my rantings freely.  That said, the Stop Online Piracy Act is a pathetic attempt by large media companies to control the Internet using Gestapo-like tactics. By the way, I do not use the Nazi analogy lightly. […]


My Nightbane Campaign Ends-The Post-Mortem

After many battles and horrendous personal sacrifice, my players reached the final challenge in my Nightbane campaign, a Nightlord in all his horrifying power.  The  battle takes places after a brief hiatus due to scheduling issues, but as it is the last encounter and the players are well aware of this fact, I will do […]

Is the Swiss Army Knife Killing MacGyver?

Is the Swiss Army Knife Killing MacGyver?

MacGyverisms, creative combinations of disparate components to solve a life-threatening situation is a key component of all RPGs. Since the very first game that pitted a PC against a twisted GM’s plot line, kludged together solutions saved many a player character. Children of the 1980s call these solutions “Macgyverisms” after the show of the same […]

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