Livingdice Goes Black Tommorow to Protest SOPA

I may not have much traffic relative to Google and Wikipedia, but I do enjoy the right to publish my rantings freely.  That said, the Stop Online Piracy Act is a pathetic attempt by large media companies to control the Internet using Gestapo-like tactics. By the way, I do not use the Nazi analogy lightly. I truly believe SOPA and other legislation is a direct threat to many freedoms we currently enjoy on the Internet.

So, tomorrow Livingdice goes black. You can still get to the content by clicking through the black banner, but I hope you will at least take a moment to consider the value of the Internet in its current state. Get educated. Otherwise the freedoms we all enjoy on the net now will disappear in a swirl of copyright legislation favoring media conglomerates.

Anyone else care to join me? There is a handy WordPress plugin to get the job done with minimal effort.





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