GAMA Trade Show 2012 Hotel Alert

Update: I just checked and the Bally’s site is now showing the correct pricing for GTS 2012. All appears to be well.


I just booked my flight and hotel for the GAMA Trade Show 2012 and noticed something odd. Assuming you are staying at the site of the convention (Bally’s), you can use the convention code (SBGAMA2) to get a $114.00 per night rate. All well and good, but the rate discount does not seem to work when you use the code on the Bally’s website reached from the GTS hotel page. It defaults down to rack rate for the hotel and says no rooms available at that rate for the week of the trade show.


The Calendar of Misinformation

Save yourself some major cash and call Bally’s directly. The reservation agent happily applied the code to my room for the week and I got the $114.00 rate. Otherwise my stay was $199.00 per night! This completes my good deed for the day.

See you in Vegas!

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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