Monte Cook’s “The Strange” Role-Playing Game Kickstarter Begins

The Strange”  is the latest Numenera-system based role-playing game from Monte Cook and Bruce Cordell.  The game premise reminded me a bit of the old West End Games “TORG” universe. An 300x100xStrangeLogo-Color-10101-300x100.jpg.pagespeed.ic.OCld5mrpCQ-1 alien data network called  “The Strange” allows users to travel between diverse worlds (called recursions) and the PCs adapt to the various environments.  Base character attributes remain, but powers and abilities adapt to match the new realm. The kickstarter video even claims advanced PCs may create their own recursions!


The “The Strange” kickstarter is for $60,000 and it has reached $89,501, so it will fund and Monte Cook and Bruce Cordell’s track record with kickstarters (Numenera) is solid, so I am buying in to “The Strange.” You should check it out.



Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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