GAMA Trade Show 2012 Report 3

The GTS 2012 slog continues! Read on for the gory details…



Arcane Wonders


“Mage Wars” is a non-collectible card game from Arcane Wonders that combines elements of  deck-builder with a strategy game. Two players draw spells (monster/powers etc) from their spell books and place them on the board. Each player starts basically naked and over time builds up their weapons, armor and monsters. The tactical movement comes into play because powers have range and location limitations. There is also a clever mechanic where you can hide a card under another card and use it as a bluff/booby trap against the other player. Production quality on this game was above average and the non-collectible aspect made me very happy. (I loathe CCGs). The four-player version will probably retail in the $80-85.00 range. Expect expansions for this one on a regular basis.



Announced a new series of Euro-style board games based in the fictional city of Tempest. The games all have different mechanics and themes, but the NPCs and locations are consistent throughout the entire line of Tempest games.  Also from AEG was the odd card game “Smash Up.”


“Smash Up” has multiple decks of cards in the box, each with a theme like “Pirates” or “Aliens.” You can pick whatever you like and then throw-down.  I did not play this one, but it sounded like a hoot and AEG claimed the game changed significantly depending on which two factions did battle.



A new Star Trek themed deck builder and a “Drake’s Fortune” board game were the highlights of this booth. Cryptozoic was hinky about pictures of their products last year, so I did not even try this year.



Looney Labs

Fluxx is back. Specifically “Oz Fluxx.”  Fluxx with  Dorothy and Toto comes out March 23rd. Rumor has it a review copy of this is on the way to me, so I will have further information on this item later.

Dream Pod 9


DP9 produces the venerable Heavy Gear miniature game has a new faction with the “New Coalition.”  The book and miniatures released at Thanksgiving.   The Heavy Gear line is undergoing a total refit in terms of layout and art. I got a quick look at the new book and the interior looks better than previous editions.  Much easier and cleaner to read.

Back tomorrow with more!








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