Trask the Lobbyist: My Personal Picks from the Ennie Nominees

July 16, 2009 | | Comments 3

While I have no illusions about my ability to influence your Ennie votes, I did want to point out some of the nominees  that I either reviewed or have personal knowledge of.  Many of the nominees I have no first hand knowledge of, so my list does not cover all the categories.

1. Best Writing Category

Hot War by Contested Ground Studios

An unusual take on post-war England, complete with Soviet mutants and deep internal strife. Also has one of the more original combat/story rule mechanics I have seen in a while.

2.  Best Monster or Adversary Category

Witch Hunter: Grand Tome of Adversaries I am a fan of Paradigm Concepts “Arcanis” campaign, which is how I found out about “Witch Hunter.” This is a story-heavy game, but even then, you still need evil NPCs and this book is full of evilness. Some of the creatures here are quite disturbing, which makes them all the better.

3.  Best Setting

Hot War, again.  Did I mention I really liked this game?

4. Best Aid or Accessory

Dwarven Sweatshoppe Dice Box

Note: Dwarvensweatshoppe is now only taking email orders, click the link above and solve the anti-spam test to get their contact email.

I love this dice tray and it is one of he most solidly built gaming items I own, besides metal dice. I cannot recommend this product enough.

5. Best Miniatures Product

Alea Tools I use these every time I play. Still the best status marking solution for 4e I have found to date.

6. Best Website

Critical Hits Long time supporters of my efforts, though Mad Brew Labs came in a close second.

Since I did not read/use all of the books and items nominated, I have to vote with what I know and this is my list. I will strive to read/borrow/steal some of the other nominees on this list (notably Hellas, which I hear good things about) to expand my gaming universe.

Oh, I almost for the link to vote! It does not go live until 7-24-09, but here is the voting link.

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