Gen Con 2014 Ticket Registration is Complete

After a rather frantic week of planning, I and my cohorts launched our Gen Con 2014 ticket assault this  morning to great success! There were a few high-profile events that I really wanted to attend, but knew were desired by many and doubted I could score a seat. I particular gencon logo

ly sweat the RPG events because they tend to have fewer total slots during the convention and each slot only has six players.  Happily the gods favored me and granted about 90% of my wishlist. Being #638 in the queue probably helped as well.   This is a personal best for both me and my group, so it was nice to get the first bite at the apple.

Here is my schedule for Gen Con

Violet Vale  (Numenera)–Numenera was the high point of Gen Con 2013 for me and I am running a campaign now with my game group. Look forward to seeing what Monte cooks up this year.

Wandering Citadel (Numenera)

Diplomacy Board Game Tournament–I put a Russian navy in London or die trying!

Tunnels and Trolls

Yes, T&T is older than dirt, but this slot is with the creator and I am looking forward to chatting with an early notable in the RPG industry.

Sails of Glory–Wings of Glory with ships and broadsides.

5E Dungeons and Dragons–I am playing  the “Secrets of Sokol Keep”and am anxious to evaluate the new rules set in its finished form.  Sadly for WOTC there is a zero percent chance of me spending a penny on this game. Much as I love D&D I still feel the sting of buying into 4E early and learning to hate it with the fire of 1000 suns over the next few months. Still  not saying a definitive no on this game, just going to be more cautious and evaluate over the longer term.

Hickman’s Killer Breakfast–Oddly, this even  has no breakfast! Still, this is one event “everyone” says is a must attend, so I finally make time for it this year. Sadly, my experiences with these “must play” events is shaky. “True Dungeon” and “Terrorwerks” were sold to me as “must play” and just fell flat. We shall see.


Iron GM: I decided to make another run at this one because I think my experience last year will allow me to do a better job in preparing for this event.

Eschatology Code (The Strange)–Monte Cook Games new RPG using the Numenera cypher system. I am fortunate to be playing in the closed beta and am very excited to see the final product.


That is the list so far, though I could squeeze a few more games in if I gave up sleeping and eating. Both of which I considered, but decided that I am not 19 years old anymore and such things are just not worth the misery they induced.


See you in Indy!


Trask, The Last Tyromancer





Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.