Popular Tabletop Games

dice_under_control Tabletop games are games played on a table or on a flat surface. Many of these table games are played with rules and mechanics by several players with four as the most number. Hence, these table games are played for competition and for spending leisure time.

In general, tabletop games are classified as the following; board games, card games, dice games, miniature war games and tiled-based games. Many examples originated from certain cultures and some are lately developed or created, which through the years these games become popular and played by millions of people.


Monopoly is perhaps the world’s favorite board game and still enjoying solid support from the present generations of players by means of its virtual version or online Monopoly games. Monopoly game is an American-originated board game that deals on the concept of monopoly economics. Players are trading and buying properties and the one who emerged as the biggest-money earner wins leaving opponents bankrupt. Monopoly is American’s family favorite board game.


Mahjong is world’s most popular tiled-based tabletop game. It originated from China, and this is a game that requires skill, strategy and precise calculation. Basically, it is played with four players but Korean and Japan version can be played with three players. Mahjong is popular among Eastern countries however, Western countries have developed great interest on the game, and the online version is among the most downloaded game in the net.  Similar to bingo game like those recommended in http://www.bingobeth.com are quite popular with older people who prefer playing this game among friends and families.


Poker is one of casino games’ variation that is popular on and off the net. Poker tournament champions are among the top-earners as the game attracts millions of poker enthusiasts all over the world. Poker is also a favorite boys’ night out game that is played for fun or for real. Poker rules can be a bit complex as there are different poker strategies that when applied will ensure a big win. The goal of the poker is beating the hand. Poker hand variations include The Flush, Straight Flush, Full House, Two of a kind, Three of a kind, Straight, Two Pair and One Pair. However, The Royal Flush is the highest rank poker hand and a classic type in Poker Video.


Craps is played by throwing or rolling the dice on a craps table. Casino table craps is a popular version while the informal version is simply called “street craps” using informal setting and without the craps table. The dealer is the most important person in the game as well as the “roller” or “shooter” and the bettors. Players will place their bets on Line Bets, Pass Line Bet or Don’t Pass Bet. How much a bet can win depends on the casino rules. On the Pass Line bet, if the dice rolls with a seven or eleven, the bet wins, and losses when the “Come out” rolls in two, three or twelve. Construction workers or street laborers commonly play “street crap” to pass time or during breaks. It is also played for fun or for real cash bets.

Kromaster Arena

This is a miniature gaming that is popular among the young crowd for its anime-styled figures plus its simple game play rules. In the game, the players choose their team make-ups by drafting out or drawing it by chance.  Moreover, each miniature figure or character has its own abilities and limitation, and for each movement is governed by spells and summons to defeat the enemies. The characters are in full color on a 3D art sceneries giving vivid life to the goal of the war game. Kromaster has a well-laid and balanced combat and battle gameplay allowing players to experience real tactile figures at your fingertips’ command. Kromaster app is also available on online stores.

Tabletop games in many generations have maintained solid support from players mainly because of the different kind of excitement they bring. Indeed, the many virtual versions inside the web are a proof of how popular these tabletop games are.



Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.