Why Have Your Role-Playing Game Groups Disbanded?

May 31, 2009 | | Comments 6

Most gamers have tales of failed game groups. Groups that went from successful to extinct, sometimes overnight.   Finding a good one that is a proper “fit” is incredibly hard. Especially if you recently relocated or have been out of the hobby for a while.  Game group failure can literally kill your hobby for weeks or months as you seek a replacement group. Losing a game group hurts!

My thought is to examine some of the most common reasons for game group death and perhaps come up with some thoughts on how to prevent this tragedy in future.  Post your tales of woe below and perhaps your fellow gamers might suggest some ways to avoid the issue in future.

I will kick things off with my tale of pain. A pretty good game group I belonged too a few years ago died when a new DM entered the mix and turned into a control freak.  His storyline  was so important that any player originality died under the runaway train that was the plot. I once tried to cast a minor detect magic spell to take a closer  look at some goods in a small shop. It was  a trivial spell and I honestly did not expect to see anything, just being thorough.   As soon as I said it, the DM got a strange look on his face. I clearly flustered some element of the plot and suddenly the store had “anti-magic” defenses and I was thrown out on the street.

Ok, I thought, DM makes that call, so I kept playing. After the third time a player came up with something unexpected that dared tread upon the sacred storyline and some utterly ridiculous counter-measure or event stopped them, I gave up. This took all of one evening and I never came back. The group broke up soon after, with many of my complaints cited as the reason the players quit.

Please share your tales in the comments and let us all learn from our collective mistakes.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer

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