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After You Slay The Dragon, What Happens to the Remains?

After You Slay The Dragon, What Happens to the Remains?

I found the answer to this burning question! Rather than let the giant dragon corpses pile-up and pollute the countryside, there is a great new service for adventurers: Dragon Disposal! Yes, one quick call and a truck comes and picks up the corpse for a nominal fee. So quick and easy. Humor aside, this is […]

Before You Read the "Winds of Winter" Preview, Check Out the Link Below

Before You Read the “Winds of Winter” Preview, Check Out the Link Below

See a dark prediction for 2012 that is so funny it is painful. Be sure to read the entire thing, the last paragraph is excellent.     Trask, The Last Tyromancer  

DARPA Needs  Gamers

DARPA Needs Gamers

DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency is famous for putting money into all kinds of projects with defense applications. Arpanet, the precursor of the Internet being the most famous but hardly their only effort. Other DARPA-funded projects include powered exoskeletons, driverless car competitions, molten munitions, onion network routing and stealth boats.  Given their track […]

A Funny and Satirical Novel About Gamers That I Will Not Name

From the same publishers that gave us the classic “Shatnerquake” novel, comes their latest offering  “——”  Those dashes are not a typo, due to the very, ahem, adult nature of the title I am choosing not to repeat it here.  So, for the purposes of this post I will use the term “The Book” to […]

What Was Your Greatest Sacrifice For Gaming?

What Was Your Greatest Sacrifice For Gaming?

Gaming, whether board, role-playing or miniatures, requires a significant commitment. This commitment is often money or time, but sometimes you have to sacrifice something else for your hobby. Dates with with significant others, family responsibilities and the occasional job all suffer so that gamers might enjoy their hobby. Now is the time to prove you […]

The Tale of Haaldaar: Master of the Grenade

Hearing other people’s gaming anecdotes is usually an exercise in location jokes that mean little for those not present. It is for this reason I rarely recount anything from my Alpha Omega home game. That said, Haaldaar my co-blogger provided some serious humor at our last game that I thought worth posting. “Alpha Omega” is […]

The Tale of Jacques: A Study in Ignominious RPG Death

I am rerunning some”best of” posts through the holiday season. See you next year! After a week of blogging about massacres and finding non-mutant replacement gamers, I thought some humor appropriate. There are moments in a life that cannot be forgotten. Weddings, deaths, births and other life-changing moments loom in our memories like unchanging mountains. […]

Worst Movie Monster Reveal Ever!

Worst Movie Monster Reveal Ever!

Every monster movie has one. After 90 minutes of lurking behind curtains and in shadows, the beast comes forth. The one moment of good lighting when the ferocious monster reveals its true form. It makes the audience believe that the heroes face a formidable foe, capable of eating them whole. I think it is the […]

Forget the D&D Sodas–Test Your Constitution and Drink Brain Wash

Jones Soda put out a line of “Dungeons and Dragons” theme sodas. Bah! Forget that “safe for all ages” soda. I found Brain Wash a few years ago and this is truly a test of courage. This powerful brew will put hair on your chest! Even if you are female! Brain Wash  Soda Pop. Trask, […]

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