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The Stars My Destination Movie Will Fail Because Hollywood Execs are Spineless Cowards

A film adaptation of  “The Stars My Destination”  once more percolated to the top of the Hollywood morass as a big-budget sci-fi film. TSMD, written in the 1950s, has long been considered one of the great un-filmed science fiction novels.  Personally, this book is one of my all time favorites and rightly deserves every accolade […]

Hasbro Sues to Prevent the Dungeons and Dragons Movie

Dark Horizons is reporting Wizards took legal action to prevent the recently announced reboot of the “Dungeons and Dragons” movie from the producers of the last two films. I am rooting for Hasbro on this one. The last two films were crimes against cinema and with a track record that poor I would sue to […]

Where I Speculate On the "Star Trek: Into Darkness" Villain

Where I Speculate On the “Star Trek: Into Darkness” Villain

I am a life-long “Star Trek” fan. Life-long as in Captain Kirk fighting a Gorn with a homemade blackpowder cannon is my first memory on this planet. Literally.  I believe this makes me vaguely qualified to speculate on the identity of the mysterious villain from the upcoming film.   My speculation grew from the dribbles of […]

 Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness on Syfy Tonight! Revel in the Horror of a Badly Managed Intellectual Property

Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness on Syfy Tonight! Revel in the Horror of a Badly Managed Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is legal shorthand for all the stuff you brand with your creation. “Star Wars” toys, “Pokemon” chewing gum and “Hello Kitty”  t-shirts are examples of a company leveraging their creation to expand the brand. Oh, and they generate income through licensing, of course. The danger lies in flooding the market with too […]

Brad Pitt Just Shot World War Z in the Head

Brad Pitt Just Shot World War Z in the Head

“World War Z” is my all-time favorite zombie apocalypse book. It earned this status because the author injected  a single “sci-fi” idea (lumbering zombie hordes) and built a real world around it.  A world populated with intelligent people trying to stay alive in the face of a terrifying threat.  Every tactic, response and human behavior […]

I Bow My Head in Quiet Thanks to Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon pulled off the nearly impossible feat of making “The Avengers” entertaining, exciting and witty while respecting the source material. Oh, and sit through the credits. All the way through, as there are two scenes stashed between the cast list and the bitter end of the credits. One is setting up the sequel and […]

The Hunger Games Review

The only life in danger at “The Hunger Games” was mine. The film nearly bored me to death. It is a crime against cinema. Obvious political allegories, Harlequin romance and sanitized violence do not a great film make. Go watch “Battle Royale” instead. Trask, The Last Tyromancer

The New John Carter Movie Worries Me

The New John Carter Movie Worries Me

Edgar Rice Burroughs holds a special place in my heart after a misspent youth spent reading up on Barsoom and Pelucidar. Joy filled my soul when I heard a John Carter movie was under development…until I saw the trailer. I really, really want this move to be amazing, but dread fills me. Please do not […]

Ruminations on The Dark Knight Rises Imax Preview….and Some Tom Cruise Movie That Showed Afterwords

My local IMAX theater is thankfully running the “Dark Knight Rises” 6-minute preview in front of “MI-4: Ghost Protocol” and I checked it out. Visually DKR looks amazing and the stunts and plot look top-notch, but I did have an issue with the villain, Mumbles. You may have heard that Bane is the film’s villain, […]

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